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Darcy Hughes

Darcy Hughes

Darcy Hughes is the Content & Storytelling Manager at VolunteerMatch.

Recent posts by Darcy Hughes

2 min read

From Volunteer to International Career

By Darcy Hughes on May 30, 2024

After graduating from Federal Polytechnic in Nigeria, Folashade sought to grow her professional skills through virtual volunteering. She studied Accounting for practical reasons and had not expected to find a volunteer opportunity that would ignite her passion and change her life. 

Through VolunteerMatch Folashade discovered Womenful Voice, a U.S.-based organization empowering women in Haiti. After three months of volunteering as the Executive Assistant to Womenful’s CEO, she was hired to do the role full-time.

Topics: virtual volunteering skills-based volunteering youth volunteering Stories from the Field
4 min read

Magical Moments: The Story of Ridgebury Riders

By Darcy Hughes on December 22, 2023

“Magical moments happen daily at the farm” Haley Levesque, Program Coordinator.

On a repurposed dairy farm in Ridgebury Connecticut, "magical moments" are a regular occurrence. The farm is home to Ridgebury Riders, a nonprofit organization changing the lives of individuals, primarily children, with special needs through hippotherapy, which is occupational, speech, or physical therapy done on horseback.

Topics: inspiration local volunteering Stories from the Field
21 min read

25 Days of VolunteerMatch

By Darcy Hughes on December 15, 2023


Day 1

On December 1st, we launched the 25 days of VolunteerMatch to ring out the 25th year of our organization! Check out our fun facts, historical tidbits, and excellent resources below:

2 min read

Q&A with Ridgebury Riders’ Haley Levesque

By Darcy Hughes on December 13, 2023

Haley Levesque, Program Coordinator and Trainer, manages Ridgebury Riders' highly successful volunteer hippotherapy program. Here is what sets them apart!

Topics: nonprofit resources volunteer engagement Interview
3 min read

Exclusive Conversation with Crisis Text Line’s CEO, Dena Trujillo

By Darcy Hughes on October 23, 2023

Volunteering: The Gift That Gives Back

Q: Can you tell us about yourself and your organization, Crisis Text Line?

A: Yes. Thank you. I have been the CEO of Crisis Text Line for three years, and it's truly been a privilege to lead such an extraordinary organization that provides free and accessible mental health support through text messages.

Topics: virtual volunteering Stories from the Field Interview
2 min read

9 Benefits of VolunteerMatch Pro Membership

By Darcy Hughes on July 18, 2023

You know that the right volunteer can mean a world of difference in moving your mission forward. With a VolunteerMatch Standard Membership, you have the ability to recruit from the world’s largest network of volunteers and, when you upgrade to Pro, you unlock a whole new level of benefits to ensure you’re connecting with the right ones. 

2 min read

Volunteering as a family: 7 opportunities to give back together

By Darcy Hughes on May 9, 2023

Volunteering as a family is a great way to connect with your community and each other. Make time for what matters most this summer with these fun and family-friendly volunteer activities.

Topics: inspiration
2 min read

4 Ways to Support Disaster Relief

By Darcy Hughes on February 20, 2023

You can make a meaningful difference in relieving the effects of natural disasters, whether it be through donations, volunteerism, or advocacy. When looking for ways to contribute before, during, and after natural disasters, consider how you can maximize impact by working with others! Here are 4 ways to support disaster relief efforts today:

Topics: disaster relief
3 min read

7 Ways to Honor Black History this February and Beyond

By Darcy Hughes on February 15, 2023

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. This list offers a few ways to delve deeper into Black history and support a more equitable future.

Topics: nonprofit resources social justice inspiration advocacy
3 min read

7 ways to Level-Up your Social Strategy to Recruit more Volunteers

By Darcy Hughes on February 9, 2023

Every follower on your organization's social media is a potential volunteer—they just might not know it yet. Building and maintaining a social media presence, especially in a small organization, is not without its challenges. That is why we compiled 7 ways to level-up your social media strategy to recruit more volunteers:

Topics: nonprofit resources volunteer engagement