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From Volunteer to International Career

May 30, 2024


After graduating from Federal Polytechnic in Nigeria, Folashade sought to grow her professional skills through virtual volunteering. She studied Accounting for practical reasons and had not expected to find a volunteer opportunity that would ignite her passion and change her life. 

Through VolunteerMatch Folashade discovered Womenful Voice, a U.S.-based organization empowering women in Haiti. After three months of volunteering as the Executive Assistant to Womenful’s CEO, she was hired to do the role full-time.

One and a half years later, she’s now the organization's Chief of Staff and a volunteer Advisory board chair. Her journey comes full circle, as she's now the one recruiting talent from VolunteerMatch.

You came to VolunteerMatch to grow your skills. How have your skills grown since starting at Womenful Voice?
“My skills have grown so much. Sometimes I even surprise myself. I’ll create something that is so good and think - did I do that? My oratory skills have also really improved. At Womenful, I was encouraged to speak out.”

What do you like most about your role as Chief of Staff?
“I like to help people navigate their volunteering experience and also make sure they get fulfillment in volunteering with our organization.”

Looking back, could you ever have anticipated this is where you would end up?“If someone had told me three years ago that I would be working in an international organization... I had never imagined myself in that way! I have grown so much, my mind has been opened, I have met a lot of people all over the world. VolunteerMatch and Womenful Voice changed my life.” 

Now you’re the one recruiting volunteers! How has VolunteerMatch been helpful for you? 
“VolunteerMatch is one of my strongest places to recruit people. People who really want to volunteer are on VolunteerMatch.”

You’ve recently upgraded from Standard to Pro Membership. What has been the most useful Pro tool?
“The One-Click Reposting tool has made my work really efficient.”

What would you recommend to others who are interested in volunteering to grow their career?
“Volunteer with a mission or a skill that resonates with you. If you like to write, volunteer to write. Figuring out what you want to do for your career is hard, so just start by following an interest.”

Why is volunteering a valuable experience?
“It’s not about the money, it’s about the fulfillment that you get at the end of the day.”

What’s next for you after Womenful Voice?
“I am interested in returning to school to further my education in Women and Gender Studies. People don’t understand gender equality. Often the world turns a blind eye to women’s issues. I would still volunteer with Womenful Voice because it’s where I started and like my mom says, “Any river that forgets its source would dry out.”

Darcy Hughes

Written by Darcy Hughes

Darcy Hughes is the Content & Storytelling Manager at VolunteerMatch.