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25 Days of VolunteerMatch

December 15, 2023



Day 1

On December 1st, we launched the 25 days of VolunteerMatch to ring out the 25th year of our organization! Check out our fun facts, historical tidbits, and excellent resources below:


Day 2

Founded in 1998, VolunteerMatch began as one of the first nonprofit tech companies on the internet with the original name ImpactOnline. 


Day 3

VolunteerMatch has been acknowledged by not one, not two, but three U.S. Presidents as an invaluable tool for promoting civic engagement!


Day 4

In 2009, we launched our Live Map to showcase volunteer connections made in real-time and over the years.


Day 5

When Jennifer Bennett began working with volunteers, she felt she had to create everything from scratch. She started the Learning Center in 2007 to build community and best practices amongst leaders of volunteers.


Day 6

In 2010, VolunteerMatch partnered with Target in the Scoop it Forward campaign to promote the volunteer-inspired Ben&Jerry's ice cream flavors, Brownie Chew Gooder and Berry Voluntary.


Day 7

In 2011, VolunteerMatch introduced the "skills" feature, allowing users to search for volunteer opportunities from over 300 skill-sets. 


Day 8

On Dec 8 1999, Oprah Winfrey promoted VolunteerMatch on her show, making it the second busiest day for traffic in our history.


Day 9

In the month following Hurricane Katrina, VolunteerMatch referred nearly 80,000 volunteerst o help devastated communities rebuild and repair. 


Day 10

In 2014, VolunteerMatch partnered with LinkedIn so that nonprofits could share their skills-based and pro bono volunteer opportunities with millions of professionals. 


Day 11

In 2017, we refreshed our logo to emphasize that at the heart of our mission is the meeting of two helping hands.


Day 12

Over the last seven years, we’ve been advocating for the value of giving time on Giving Tuesday with U.S. Bank, one of our most active customers when it comes to volunteerism.


Day 13

Our team went fully remote in 2020, and now gathers in-person at least once a year for a new tradition called Homecoming.


Day 14

Did you know that VolunteerMatch has the largest database of volunteering opportunities in the world?  There is truly something for everyone - all searchable in one place!


Day 15

This year, we exceeded 18 million volunteer connections made on VolunteerMatch over our 25 year history!


Day 16

In 2019, VolunteerMatch’s Jennifer Bennett and VolunteerPro's Tobi Johnson joined forces to launch the Time + Talent podcast, bringing nonprofit leaders uplifting and insightful conversations from thought leaders in the sector.


Day 17

Where there’s a will to volunteer, there’s a way! During the first six months of the pandemic, interest in virtual volunteering increased by 240%.


Day 18

Celebrating the 18 years that Samir Shah has contributed to our organization.  Thank you, Samir, for your passion and dedication! 


Day 19

Have you ever tried typing “volunteer” into Apple Maps? In 2021, we partnered with Apple to launch volunteering guides in 20 major metropolitan areas, making it easy to discover volunteer opportunities in your own backyard!

Day 20

VolunteerMatch helps Reading Partners connect with the tutors they need to provide students with reading support. 

Day 21

For day 21, we are celebrating how in 2021, Jude O'Reilley joined our team as the new CEO! Jude is a passionate advocate for the benefits volunteering has on personal development and well-being. 


Day 22

We are still fangirling over this shoutout from 2020! As Billie said, THANK YOU volunteers!


Day 23

This past April, we surveyed our community to understand how and why our volunteers volunteer. In "How We Connect: Hopeful and  Helpful Data From Today's Volunteers."


Day 24

This year we launched the #GetThatGrin campaign to promote volunteerism as a joyful act of self-care. 


Day 25

(That’s a wrap) Thank you for following along for the 25 days of VolunteerMatch and being a part of our community! Wishing you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

Darcy Hughes

Written by Darcy Hughes

Darcy Hughes is the Content & Storytelling Manager at VolunteerMatch.