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10 min read

The Best Days And Times To Recruit Volunteers

By Elysia Gabe on September 26, 2018

You worked really hard to craft the perfect volunteer appeal, but what’s next? When’s the best day or time to publish your opportunity on VolunteerMatch to ensure it gains the most traction? After all, you want to make sure you’re casting your line while volunteers are searching!

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2 min read

Report is Live! How Politics Influence Volunteer Behavior

By Guest Contributer on September 19, 2018

Volunteering doesn’t exist in a bubble — it’s reflective of the people and the societies they live in.  Therefore, when major shifts take place, be they economic, cultural or political, it’s reasonable to presume that some aspects of volunteer behavior will be influenced. For example, increases or decreases in the numbers of active volunteers, volunteer hours, or types of volunteering being done.

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7 min read

How Employee Volunteers Can Help You Attract and Hire Talent

By Guest Contributer on September 6, 2018

Some companies view volunteerism as a need to satisfy employee engagement objectives. But on the other end of the spectrum, many understand the essence of volunteerism as a selfless way to serve one’s community.

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4 min read

How to Build an Irresistible Corporate-Nonprofit Volunteer Partnership

By Guest Contributer on July 24, 2018

Corporate volunteer programs offer an incredible opportunity for nonprofit organizations to partner with businesses to advance awareness of and raise money for their cause. A nonprofit liaison with a company creates a situation where everyone wins: the nonprofit gets the assistance it needs while the business benefits from building their brand and generating positive impressions throughout the community.

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6 min read

Eight Popular Background Checks For Volunteer Organizations

By Basil Sadiq on June 7, 2018


Guest post by Verified Volunteers. This post originally appeared on Verified Volunteers’ blog.

Verified Volunteers’ “Volunteer Screening Trends and Best Practices Report: 2018” offers insights into the current state of volunteer programs, from current screening practices to challenges to be overcome. The report is based on a nationwide survey conducted on individuals who are involved in running volunteer programs to better understand their background screening needs and processes. The 967 survey responders represented a wide range of organizations including social and human services, education, healthcare, religious and youth development groups. Responders were mostly volunteer managers and program managers and directors whose organizations rely heavily on unpaid volunteers.

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9 min read

8 Strategies For Creating A More Inclusive Volunteer Program

By Basil Sadiq on April 26, 2018

Guest post by Lisa Joyslin

Many organizations struggle to engage volunteers who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the communities they serve. In response to this issue, the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) recently embarked on a research study which resulted in a set of eight strategies for creating a more inclusive volunteer program within nonprofit and government organizations. These strategies serve as a starting point for volunteer engagement leaders seeking concrete next steps for better engaging volunteers from diverse and immigrant communities.

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4 min read

Success is a Process: 6 Administrative Steps to Volunteer Retention

By Guest Contributer on March 13, 2018

Regardless of the size or type of your nonprofit, volunteers are probably your lifeblood — perhaps even more than your donors.

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2 min read

Find The Right Volunteers Faster with One-Click Reposting

By Basil Sadiq on February 27, 2018

Imagine this scenario: you write a position description, craft a compelling volunteer opportunity, hit publish, then wait. You either don’t receive many responses or hear back from volunteers that aren’t a great fit. Here’s where things get interesting: you’re not alone! For the third year in-a-row, volunteer managers worldwide still list volunteer recruitment as their #1 challenge.

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8 min read

How To Build A Stellar Fundraising Committee & Volunteer Team

By Basil Sadiq on May 13, 2017


Guest post by Zach Hagopian

Organizing your own fundraising event can be stressful.

Those of you with experience organizing (or helping organize) a fundraising event such as a dinner or gala know all of the hard work and effort that go into running a successful and profitable event. You also probably know the importance of having an amazing team of committee members and volunteers to support your event, ensuring it’s successful as possible.

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6 min read

Metrics For Success: Evaluating Your Volunteer Program

By Basil Sadiq on September 20, 2016


Editor’s note: In honor of VM Summit 16, which is all about corporate/ nonprofit collaboration, this series of volunteerism-related blog posts will take one topic and explain how it’s relevant to both groups. Today’s topic? Metrics for success. Check out our other blog, Volunteering is CSR, for the same topic from the perspective of corporate volunteer program managers.

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