Corporate Social Responsibility Food For Thought

CSR Food for ThoughtThe CSR Food for Thought series is a bi-weekly roundup of recent news from around the web, presented to you in one bite-sized post.

Why Startups Should Build Social Good into their DNA
From Financial Post: “There may be some investment at the outset, but in the long run you’re going to save money.” – Adrian Grenier

What Kind of Leaders are Millennials?
From U.S News: Keep your stereotypes about selfishness. Millennials want to lead by empowering others and social causes. Find out what else in this article.

And check out our own take on millennials in the workplace from the corporate volunteering perspective.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Nice Guys Finish First
From eMarketer: Yes, consumers want the companies they buy from to engage in CSR. And this article is chock full of stats to prove it.

JetBlue Moves People through Employee Engagement
From Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship: Take a thorough look at JetBlue’s hard-to-match, rockstar-level CSR efforts, including their volunteer program called Community Connection.

Want more? We interviewed JetBlue last year when they were nominated for our corporate volunteer award. Find out how they use VolunteerMatch Solutions to power their volunteering.

20+ Million LinkedIn Members Add Volunteer Section to Profile
From LinkedIn: From 0 to 20 million in less than a year. LinkedIn users show how important volunteering is to professionals.

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How Major Companies are Using Employee Volunteer Software: #VMSolChat Recap

#VMSolChatLast week, we took to Twitter to chat with our clients. Why? We wanted to hear why they love their employee volunteer program software – VolunteerMatch Solutions – for managing, growing, and showing off the impact of their employee volunteer programs.

We invited Lauren Keeler of Apollo Education Group (her favorite VolunteerMatch feature is intuitive project management tools) and Milinda Martin of Time Warner Cable (she loves how employees have the ability to suggest volunteer projects). And we were beyond happy to see others join in the conversation as well.

We’ve compiled our favorite pieces of the conversation below. Want even more? Get the full story on Storify.


Don’t Miss Your Worm! Early Bird Rates for the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit End Soon

Come Together at the 2015 VolunteerMatch SummitNow is a great time to register for the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit.

Why? Early bird rates end July 31st. That’s in two days!

Why attend the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit?

“The collaborative feeling among the participants is absolutely incredible.”
-Wendy Hershey, Mercer Investment Consulting, Inc.

At the Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to come together with corporate social responsibility and employee engagement professionals, as well as national nonprofits.

You’ll participate in interactive workshops, attend networking sessions, and hear from industry experts, all related to working across sectors to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Who should attend the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit?

“I never get the opportunity to be in a more like-minded group of professionals all at once.”
-Lauren Keeler, Apollo Education Group

If you manage your company’s employee volunteer program, this summit is for you. If you’re a CSR professional looking for better ways to work with nonprofits, this summit is for you. If you’re with a national nonprofit and are looking for better ways to work with corporate partners, this summit is also for you.

And if you’re looking for a place to network and learn from others doing similar work with employee volunteerism, this summit is for you.

Late BirdBe the early bird and go catch your worm. Register today for the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit to lock down early bird registration rates.

Bird photo credit: Adamantios



Don’t Keep All That Corporate Volunteerism Knowledge to Yourself!

VolunteerMatch Solutions is now accepting Best Practice Network webinar session proposals.

Present at a Best Practice Network WebiarHas your company done something out-of-the-ordinary with your employee volunteer program – and seen impressive results? Have you witnessed new trends or conducted research around corporate volunteerism? Are you simply a corporate social responsibility rockstar?

Don’t keep all that knowledge to yourself! VolunteerMatch is asking CSR and employee engagement thought leaders and practitioners to submit session proposals for our Best Practice Network Webinar series.

The Best Practice Network Webinar Series, presented by VolunteerMatch Solutions, brings together thought-leaders in employee volunteering and corporate social responsibility to explore how your company or brand can elevate your program for social good. The BPN Webinar series happens bi-monthly and is free to the public.

You will be a voice in the CSR community, strongly advocating for increased recognition of the potential of volunteer engagement to transform workplaces, communities, campuses, and brands for the better. Our demographic, registration numbers, & promotional reach will help get your voice out there:
• Attendee demographic – administrators, academics, consultants, employee volunteer
program managers, community/HR, and other CSR practitioners.
• Attendee registrations – depending on the topic, this ranges from 100 to 200+.
• Exposure through VolunteerMatch Solutions site, blogs & newsletter lists – Over 15,000
monthly average reach.
• Mentions on VolunteerMatch Solutions social media – Twitter over 1.3K followers, LinkedIn over 330 followers.

Topics should relate to the webinar’s mission of building a better world through corporate responsibility and volunteerism. Some examples of overarching topics could include: corporate/nonprofit partnerships, understanding your nonprofit partners needs & capacity, understanding your corporate partners goals, partnership communications (internal and external), partnership evaluation/metrics, volunteer program manager empowerment (both corporate and nonprofit), internal & external partner buy-in. While topics can be high-level and strategic, attendees should leave the webinar with some kind of actionable content.

Interested? Learn more and/ or submit a session proposal.

3 Good People, 3 Good Causes, 3 Perfect Matches

VolunteerMatch's Video looks at how 3 different volunteers are making a differenceA senior trying yoga for the first time. A bobcat that can’t go back into the wild being cared for. A brother and sister strengthening their English skills after school. 

These vastly different activities have one thing in common. They’re made possible by the passion of volunteers. 

At VolunteerMatch, we make it easy for good people and good causes to connect. With our network of 100,000+ organizations, it’s no surprise that VolunteerMatch has connected close to 10 million volunteers with causes that light them up. Many of these connections come from corporate volunteers who use our employee solutions tool YourMatch to find their volunteering passions.

Since these initial connections happen online, we don’t always get to see firsthand the impact of these numerous connections – the impact on the volunteers themselves, the organizations they volunteer with, and the communities they serve.

That’s why we went out into our own community to see what volunteers who found their connections through VolunteerMatch were up to.

The results are truly moving.

In this short video, you’ll meet Louise, Sandra and Hannah, three volunteers making a big difference, each in their own unique way. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

3 Good People, 3 Good Causes, 3 Perfect Matches:

Meet Derreck Kayongo, 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit Keynote Speaker

In December 2015, CSR professionals, employee engagement enthusiasts, VolunteerMatch clients, and national nonprofits will come together at the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit. In this series of blog posts, I’ll introduce you to the numerous experts who will make an appearance as Summit speakers.

Derreck Kayongo 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit Keynote SpeakerName: Derreck Kayongo

Title: Founder

Organization: Global Soap Project

What is your session about?

My session will focus on the power of volunteerism as an avenue of expressing personal consciousness and rebuilding SELF and community. SELF in this case stands for Service, Education, Leadership and Faith in what you believe in. Your Ethos. I would have never been able to build Global Soap Project if it weren’t for volunteers who understood SELF.

Why should attendees care about this topic?

The attendees will hear an amazing story of self-determination and actualization. Born out of a remarkable survival of war story and refugee status, they’ll see transformation into building an organization that is now saving lives all over the world.

The power of events in our lives can either destroy us or become an inspiration locomotive to success. How you can do that is what is at the heart of this session.

What is a professional achievement you are particularly proud of?

Founding the Global Soap Project and building it from my basement. When I started, I was just making about 500 bars of recycled soap a week. Now, we are partners with Clean the World, are going for 10 million bars per year, and are present in close to 90 countries around the world.

To learn more about Derreck, check out his biography on our Summit speakers’ page. And if you haven’t yet, register today for the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit!

Corporate Social Responsibility Food For Thought

CSR Food for ThoughtThe “Food for Thought” series is a roundup of recent CSR-related news, presented to you in one bite-sized post.

CSR Programs Increase Revenue up to 20%, Says Verizon, Campbell Soup Study
From Environmental Leader: Get the stats on how a great CSR program can benefit your company in all kinds of ways – not just in increased sales.

Beyond the PDF: 5 Tips to Leverage CSR Reports for Greatest ROI
From Triple Pundit: CSR reports aren’t just for investors anymore. Find out how to make your reports resonate with a wider audience with these 5 tips.

For more on CSR and ROI, check out our recent blog post, Answering the Eternal Question of Return on Investment.

5 Affordable Benefits Employees Appreciate But Few Companies Offer
From Entrepreneur: Read about how a few extra benefits can differentiate your company in a huge way, helping you bring on and keep top employees. Oh, and pay special attention to number 5.

U.S. Employee Engagement Unmoved in June at 31.9%
From Gallup: While higher percentages than previous years, 31.9% is still pretty low for the number of employees engaged at work. Read how Gallup calculates these numbers.

And don’t forget: Corporate volunteer programs are a great way to increase employee engagement.

Why Having a Heart is Good for Business
From Huffington Post: Learn how companies can show their employees they care about their communities – and what this means for business.

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