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3 Storytelling Strategies to Boost Volunteer Recruitment

January 30, 2024

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Guest Contributor: Carly Euler, Marketing Manager at MemoryFox

Your volunteers are the heartbeat of your organization - each with their own unique experiences and perspectives about why your mission resonates with them. And whether you’re a nonprofit who is just starting out, or you have a regimented volunteer program in place, it’s always helpful to keep your doors open to new faces willing to provide their time and talents.

Let’s explore 3 storytelling strategies to boost volunteer recruitment: 

  1. Create Captivating Content:
    Generate compelling narratives tailored for social media, blog posts, and website testimonials. Utilize videos and images to convey the aspects of volunteering that bring the most joy to your volunteers. Showcasing the beautiful stories of those who have already made a positive impact will prompt potential volunteers to think, "If they can make a difference, so can I!"

    Pro Tip: If you’re looking for an easy way to quickly drag and drop your stories to make beautiful content for Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts & Facebook Watch, check out these Canva Video Templates.

  2. Host an Open House: Coordinate an in-person or virtual open house where current volunteers can articulate their experiences. Invite potential volunteers to engage, ask questions, and gain firsthand insights into how they can contribute. Clearly outline the scope of volunteer work and provide an easy way for people to sign up for announcements and reminders.

  3. Utilize Peer-to-Peer Outreach: Encourage current volunteers to share their stories with their networks. Give them tools to easily share their story on social media, and consider implementing a referral program that rewards volunteers for successful recruitment. Remember, incentives go beyond monetary rewards! Here is a comprehensive list of rewards you can provide to volunteers.

Giving your dedicated volunteers the opportunity to share their stories is a surefire way to enhance your brand awareness and generate interest in volunteering. And the best part? Collecting, organizing and sharing stories is easier than ever with MemoryFox. Get started telling great volunteer stories today. 


Author Bio: Carly comes from the nonprofit world ready to elevate the hundreds of nonprofits in the MemoryFox community. She currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Wily Network’s Young Professionals Association, and has previously held positions at the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, the Code of Support Foundation, Kenya Lacrosse Association, and the BOMA Project, where she has specialized in marketing, communications, and fundraising. Storytelling has been an integral part of each role.

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