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Q&A with Ridgebury Riders’ Haley Levesque

By Darcy Hughes on December 13, 2023

Haley Levesque, Program Coordinator and Trainer, manages Ridgebury Riders' highly successful volunteer hippotherapy program. Here is what sets them apart!

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6 min read

How Employee Volunteering Is About More Than Team-Building

By Guest Contributer on November 24, 2023

Team-building is a great reason to organize volunteer events at your business. Employees who volunteer together have the opportunity to form closer bonds. And, at larger companies, a corporate volunteer event might be an employee’s first interaction with a co-worker from a different team or department.

1 min read

VolunteerMatch: A lifeline to nonprofits

By Jude O'Reilley on November 22, 2023

This is the time of year when volunteer coordinators are hoping for a miracle. End-of-year budgets are tight, staff may be burnt out –all while community needs mount during the holidays.  

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5 min read

Volunteer Screening: Advantages of Waivers in the Process

By Guest Contributer on November 20, 2023

Volunteer with clipboard talking to another volunteer

As a nonprofit organization, you’re well aware of the important role volunteers play in furthering your mission. They fill in the gaps where your staff can’t, helping you achieve more than your organization can on its own. Additionally, volunteers lift some of the weight of completing monumental tasks off your shoulders, helping you avoid burnout and reach more of those in need.

3 min read

What is the real value of volunteering?

By Jennifer Bennett on November 14, 2023

Giving Tuesday

This time of year, there’s a lot of talk about annual giving and donating dollars to support the causes you care about, but —like we’ve done in the past— we’re collaborating with U.S. Bank to promote giving time through volunteering.

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2 min read

Hot Take: We shouldn't track volunteer retention

By Jennifer Bennett on November 1, 2023


Earlier this year, I shared one of my Hot Takes – an opinion or idea that is meant to be thought provoking. My Hot Take was about the value of a volunteer hour and how I don’t think we talk enough about how all volunteer hours are not equally valuable.

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Exclusive Conversation with Crisis Text Line’s CEO, Dena Trujillo

By Darcy Hughes on October 23, 2023

Volunteering: The Gift That Gives Back

Q: Can you tell us about yourself and your organization, Crisis Text Line?

A: Yes. Thank you. I have been the CEO of Crisis Text Line for three years, and it's truly been a privilege to lead such an extraordinary organization that provides free and accessible mental health support through text messages.

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5 min read

How to Engage and Retain Corporate Volunteers: 3 Tips

By Guest Contributer on September 26, 2023

Your nonprofit relies on a loyal and dedicated group of volunteers to push your initiatives forward. In addition to recruiting volunteers from the community, you can benefit from the support of skilled corporate volunteers. Corporate volunteers are an especially valuable asset because of their professional backgrounds and technical expertise, which can be used to help your nonprofit with everything from web development to organizing your financial records. 

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4 min read

4 Ways Volunteering Can Strengthen Your Alumni Community

By Guest Contributer on August 8, 2023

Any nonprofit professional will agree that the strongest volunteer bases are those who not only connect with the nonprofit’s work, but with each other as well. This positions your sorority or fraternity’s alumni community to excel as a volunteering unit.

2 min read

9 Benefits of VolunteerMatch Pro Membership

By Darcy Hughes on July 18, 2023

You know that the right volunteer can mean a world of difference in moving your mission forward. With a VolunteerMatch Standard Membership, you have the ability to recruit from the world’s largest network of volunteers and, when you upgrade to Pro, you unlock a whole new level of benefits to ensure you’re connecting with the right ones. 


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    Q&A with Ridgebury Riders’ Haley Levesque

    Haley Levesque, Program Coordinator and Trainer, manages Ridgebury Riders' highly successful volunteer hippotherapy...

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