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Guest Contributer

Guest Contributer

This article was written by a VolunteerMatch Guest Contributor.

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Together We can End the Epidemic of Childhood Drowning

By Guest Contributer on May 17, 2023

Guest Author: Chezik Tsunoda, Founder of No More Under and director of Drowning in Silence

May is National Water Safety Month. This is a time for us to educate ourselves and each other about drowning prevention, take a moment to remember those lost to drowning, and get involved with creating solutions to ending the silent epidemic of drowning.  

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5 min read

How to Recruit Volunteers for Your Advocacy Campaign

By Guest Contributer on May 16, 2023

Having a strong group of volunteers can be extremely beneficial for your nonprofit’s advocacy campaign. Recruiting a group of passionate volunteers can lead to greater awareness of your nonprofit’s mission and they can inspire more individuals to lend their support to your cause.

Topics: nonprofit resources
5 min read

Leverage Your Tech to Create an Effective Volunteer Program

By Guest Contributer on April 24, 2023

Your volunteer program powers your initiatives, fundraisers, and outreach campaigns. Whether they’re professionals providing a skill-based service or members of your community performing routine tasks, volunteers want to work with nonprofits that have organized, impactful volunteer programs. 

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6 min read

8 Volunteer Recognition Ideas to Show Your Gratitude

By Guest Contributer on April 11, 2023

Creating change requires a large network of people working together to get the job done. While your employees perform valuable mission-driven work every day, so do your volunteers! 

Your volunteers are a key part of your organization, and they deserve to be appreciated for all their enthusiasm and hard work. Most volunteers devote their time to a nonprofit because they’re motivated by the cause or interested in the organization’s work. To sustain that dedication and motivation, however, they need to feel appreciated.

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6 min read

3 Ways To Engage Volunteers On Your Nonprofit Website

By Guest Contributer on April 3, 2023

Guest Contributor: Ira Horowitz

Whether they’re running a clothing drive, planting trees, or cleaning up after a natural disaster, volunteers make it possible for you to reach as many beneficiaries as possible with your mission. After doing the hard work of recruiting your volunteers, your organization should prioritize building relationships and retaining their support for the long term. 

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For the Love of Volunteering: A gift both given and received

By Guest Contributer on January 26, 2023

SNAPkids is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children with disabilities by providing community-based swimming and fitness activities. By providing volunteers with a chance to work closely with our special swimmers, we open hearts, change attitudes and create more respectful, inclusive, and just communities. Learn more at: snapkids.org

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4 min read

How to Build an Irresistible Corporate-Nonprofit Volunteer Partnership

By Guest Contributer on January 22, 2023

Corporate volunteer programs offer an incredible opportunity for nonprofit organizations to partner with businesses to advance awareness of and raise money for their cause. A nonprofit liaison with a company creates a situation where everyone wins: the nonprofit gets the assistance it needs while the business benefits from building their brand and generating positive impressions throughout the community.

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4 min read

Tutor a child, change a life.

By Guest Contributer on January 17, 2023

School on Wheels is an organization enhancing educational opportunities for children who are experiencing homelessness from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

  • 1/3 of unhoused people are under the age of 18
  • 1:20 children in CA don’t have homes
  • 64% of children experiencing homelessness do not graduate high school
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1 min read

4 Ways To Motivate Your Nonprofit’s Volunteers

By Guest Contributer on January 10, 2023

Guest post by Kelly Smith

As a nonprofit leader, you’re probably aware that volunteers are the heart and soul of your organization – it’s their smiles and hard work that move your cause forward. That’s why volunteer motivation is essential. Here are four smart ways to motivate volunteers:

Topics: nonprofit resources
3 min read

Does Your Volunteer Manager Know You?

By Guest Contributer on December 13, 2022

Guest Post by Courtney Tull

“Volunteers Needed.” After seeing this ad pop-up on your social media page for the fifth time this month, you decide to give your favorite nonprofit a call, and get signed up to volunteer. Volunteer, to do what, exactly? The post was extremely vague, so you aren’t sure what you might volunteer to do. All you know is that you’re free every Monday and you believe in their mission.

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