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Is it Time to Renew Your CVA?

May 17, 2023


I've had my CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration) since 2010, and I’m currently on the Board of Directors CCVA (Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration) for a second time. Having my CVA and supporting CCVA is important to me. It helps me build my trainings and workshops and VolunteerMatch’s volunteer engagement strategy on a set of core principles and guidelines.

Since I initially received my CVA, I've renewed my credential twice: once in 2015 and again in 2020. But, not every CVA submits their paperwork with their PDUs (Professional Development Units) and pays their renewal fees. In fact, only 80% renew and continue on that journey. I know that there are many reasons why people don’t renew – some CVAs have left the field and have moved onto other types of nonprofit work, some have left the sector all together, maybe for others, their current employer won't cover the renewal fees; but, there’s another group, one still working with volunteers, that doesn’t renew.

For me, keeping my CVA is something that I’m proud of, something that I want to continue to invest in and prioritize because I believe it makes me better at the work I do. My next renewal cycle is in 2025, and there have been some changes from the last time I went through the process, and I know that there are more planned. (One of the changes since I last renewed is that you can’t wait and send in your paperwork at 7:45pm on December 31st before you head out to celebrate New Year’s Eve! The last day to submit your renewal this year is December 1st. And the Early Bird Rate ends soon on May 31st.) So if you received your CVA or renewed in 2018, this is your year to renew!

If you’ve had your CVA in the past, or you’re coming up for renewal soon, and you aren’t planning on renewing, I’d love to hear why – no judgment, and no trying to change your mind, I promise! I’d just be really interested to hear your story.

And – if you’re not yet familiar with the CVA and what it entails, stay tuned – we’ll be hosting another information session with CCVA later this Summer, or you can find all the information sessions here!

Jennifer Bennett

Written by Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer Bennett, CVA is the Director of Education & Training at VolunteerMatch. Jennifer joined VolunteerMatch to formalize and manage the organization’s volunteer engagement program. With her breadth of experience, she is well qualified to help VolunteerMatch’s community of nonprofits better recruit and engage volunteers.


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