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A Kind Ear Goes A Long Way, Especially Now

August 11, 2020


At a time when each of us can benefit from sharing our experiences and feeling heard, VolunteerMatch and Listeners On Call are partnering on a new program, Listen for Good.

Listen for Good is a service that makes it possible for people who need help, or a sympathetic ear, to have someone to talk to who can relate to what they’re going through. The service is anonymous and affordable. Listeners receive a small amount of compensation for their time, which they can choose to donate to a partner cause of their choice.

Listening is a powerful gift to give to a fellow human being. When a Caller calls in, they will be connected to a Listener based on shared experiences.

Become A Listener For Good

Built on Listeners On Call’s new technology platform designed to provide anonymous support to Callers in need, the Listen for Good - VolunteerMatch partnership allows Listeners to donate their earnings from Listeners On Call to VolunteerMatch.

If you want to become a Listener and donate proceeds from your calls to VolunteerMatch:

  1. Download the app using this link.
  2. Set up your profile by following the in-app instructions.
  3. Listeners will need to pass a background check and watch a short video training from the Listeners On Call Listener Academy.
  4. If you're an existing Listener, you can volunteer by adding the partner code “VolunteerMatch” to your “My Partners” list in the app’s menu.

Download the App and Get Started Today


A Special Gift For You

We appreciate all the work you have done to help those in your communities. So, to kick-off the program, Listeners on Call is providing you with the gift of listening by donating a 20 minute call to each of you, for a total of 1,000 calls to the VolunteerMatch community.

To redeem your free 20-minute call:

  1. Download the app using this link.
  2. Setup your profile and record a brief message about what topic you are looking to connect with a Listener on. This process takes about 5 minutes.
  3. If you're an existing Caller who has already downloaded the app, you can receive the credit by adding the partner code “VMFree” to their “My Partners” list in the app’s menu.

Download the App and Get Started Today


Helping Others Virtually

“This is a difficult time in our country, and around our world, and we’ve seen a massive outpouring of concern from volunteers who want to give of their time but must do so virtually during these pandemic conditions,” said Laura Plato, Chief Solutions Officer for Volunteermatch. “Our partnership with Listeners On Call is one way we can help connect volunteers directly to people who will benefit from their support, in a safe and secure way, while also contributing to VolunteerMatch’s long-term capacity to serve.”


VolunteerMatch Is Dedicated to Strengthening Communities

As the internet’s largest volunteer engagement network, serving more than 130,000 active nonprofits, 150 corporate network partners and 13 million visitors annually, VolunteerMatch is dedicated to strengthening communities by providing a platform for organizations in neighborhoods working towards justice, equality, dignity, and opportunity to recruit volunteers to their causes. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, VolunteerMatch has initiated a range of creative solutions that are responsive to the changing conditions, including a COVID-19 and virtual volunteering resource hub, new features and offerings that make it easier for causes to recruit volunteers, and education, training and support resources for both volunteers and nonprofit leaders.


Listeners On Call Provides Relief to Those Who Are Struggling

“People are overwhelmed right now, and we are living in unprecedented times. We at Listeners On Call believe everyone deserves to be heard, regardless of the social barriers that often stand in the way,” said Cole Egger, Co-Founder and CEO of Listeners On Call. “So many today are isolated, and scared of what the future holds, and many don’t have an outlet or someone to talk to. Through our partnership with VolunteerMatch, Listeners On Call will provide a small bit of relief to the millions of Americans who are struggling and need to feel heard.”

Laura Plato

Written by Laura Plato