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VolunteerMatch: A lifeline to nonprofits

November 22, 2023

This is the time of year when volunteer coordinators are hoping for a miracle. End-of-year budgets are tight, staff may be burnt out –all while community needs mount during the holidays.  

“Every year, the task of finding volunteers to meet our needs feels like a challenge. Thankfully, VolunteerMatch provides the invaluable partnership we need. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in our incredible growth.”

- Andria Larsen, Lasagna Love Executive Director

As a supporter of VolunteerMatch— you’re also an invaluable partner.

You may know VolunteerMatch as a website to search for volunteer opportunities.  But to our network of thousands of volunteer coordinators, our nonprofit organization is an essential resource like no other.    

Thanks to our donors we are able to offer a multitude of valuable FREE services to support recruiting, retaining, and recognizing volunteers:

  • Access to post unlimited volunteer opportunities on our platform
  • Crucial continuing education for volunteer coordinators through our Learning Center live webinars, interactive workshops and more
  • Indispensable resources like a volunteer handbook and program templates
  • Learning from leaders in the field through our Time & Talent podcast with VolunteerPro
  • Expert Analysis of our 2022 Volunteer Survey Data
  • Our round-up of the best industry news and tips through our e-newsletter subscribed to by 50,000 nonprofit employees

When we shared this list with a long-time donor, even they were taken aback saying

“people need to know this is so much more than just a website; VolunteerMatch is a lifeline to nonprofits throughout our country.”

Donating to VolunteerMatch is a gift to our communities, made stronger and kinder by the work of nonprofits and volunteers. 

Help support our mission!

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Rachel Kestner

Written by Rachel Kestner

Rachel is the VP of Marketing at VolunteerMatch.