Congratulations, UnitedHealth Group! An Honor Well-Earned.

Since 2006, UnitedHealth Group and VolunteerMatch have been working together to motivate and engage employees to give back to their community. We’ve seen the company evolve and grow into one of the strongest, most innovative CSR programs out there.

Which is why we weren’t surprised when Points of Light acknowledged their hard work by presenting them with the 2014 Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence. The award recognizes UnitedHealth Group for their amazing employee volunteer program, INVOLVE. With a core CSR mission to help build healthier communities, the program involves over 156,000 employees.

Points of Light commented that, “The annual Award recognizes companies that apply their resources, expertise and insights to activities that benefit society, and create a culture that inspires and equips employees to volunteer.”

UnitedHealth Group isn’t just encouraging its own workforce, the company also actively seeks new and innovative ways to change the space.

Last year, UnitedHealth Group released their “Doing Good is Good for You” study, a close look at the link between health and volunteering. They found that the effects of volunteering helped lower stress levels and increased happiness, proving that giving back is good for your mental, physical and emotional state!

We also see UnitedHealth Group investing in groundbreaking volunteering products, such as sponsoring VolunteerMatch’s MobileMatch, released in early 2014. With their support, VolunteerMatch was able to release a tool that allows volunteers to search & sign up for volunteer opportunities, and track volunteer hours, on the go!

As the Client Relations Manager for UnitedHealth Group, I can personally speak to the level of commitment and passion this team has. They are constantly striving to improve not only their own program, but the Corporate Social Responsibility sector as a whole.

I speak for the whole VolunteerMatch family when I say we are honored to partner with UnitedHealth Group, and look forward to even greater success in the future!

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