A New Partnership in Education: San Francisco Unified School District Gives High School Students a Place to Volunteer

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Unified School District believe that community service is an important part of a 21st century education. To support this belief, the school district has partnered with VolunteerMatch to help the city’s students find inspiring volunteer opportunities that create learning beyond the classroom.

Through the partnership, students can search for opportunities in fields that interest them, while also earning credits towards important achievement milestones.

Whether working with animals, designing Web sites for local nonprofits, or helping to protect the environment, students are given the choice to pursue what matters most to them. Through the VolunteerMatch toolset, teachers can report on the initiative by keeping track of students’ hours, asking customized questions to gather student feedback, and managing service day events.

In addition to the launch of the district-wide SFUSD VolunteerMatch site, we are also piloting two Web sites designed specifically for two San Francisco public high schools: Wallenberg High School and Gateway High School. Wallenberg, for example, requires that students complete 100 hours of service prior to graduation — a requirement that will now be tracked through their VolunteerMatch site. Both Web sites are customized to the unique service-learning programs of each school, providing opportunities that are tied to coursework, and linked to the school district’s Service Learning Resource Hub.

As we’ve seen an increase in young people interested in making an impact on their community, VolunteerMatch is committed to supporting programs across the country that encourage everyone, at every age, to get involved with something they care about, and find a great place to volunteer.

Do you know a student at one of these schools or a school that would like to get involved? Tell us about it here.

(Photo: Gateway High School)

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    yilayufu on December 21, 2017

    A great idea to ensure a good quality of education. As I once saw on https://youtu.be/ju0PZY_XzM4, when you’re doing something that’s dear or like, then you’re all about it.

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