National Volunteer Week: How to Inspire and Empower Your Volunteers

National Volunteer WeekNational Volunteer Week is fast approaching. This year occurring April 15-21, it is a time many organizations designate especially for appreciating everything they’ve got – great volunteers, and millions more out there looking for ways to help.

It’s a time to showcase the impact your volunteers have in the community, and inspire others to be just as involved. It’s a time to actively encourage individuals to recognize the power that each of them has to make a difference.

One of the best ways to show your volunteers that you value them is to make sure you provide the quality resources and programming so they can have a big impact on the causes they care about.

At VolunteerMatch we’ve got tools and campaigns to help you with that:

  • Free Webinars
    Check out over 20 different training topics to help you recruit and manage volunteers more effectively. Some upcoming webinars include “Best Practices for Recruiting Online,” “Social Media and Volunteer Engagement,” and “Single Days of Service: Make It Work.”
  • A Library of Resources
    We curate a comprehensive Volunteering Resource Library over on the IdeaEncore Network. Browse through dozens of documents, many free to download, to help with your volunteer program.
  • Learn Our Secrets
    Recently we released “101 Volunteer Recruitment Secrets,” containing a wealth of volunteer recruitment knowledge gathered from your peers all over the world, including a whole section on recognition and appreciation. Download it for free!
  • Fighting Hunger Together with Walmart
    Through funding from the Walmart Foundation, hunger-related organizations get free access to our premium tools, as well as specialized training and resources. Are you fighting for food security? Learn more now!
  • Tree Planting with the Arbor Day Foundation
    We’ve partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to help nonprofits that focus on tree-planting get the training resources they need, as well as more exposure on Arbor Day Foundation’s Volunteer Center.
  • Virtual Volunteering
    These days, organizations can harness the power of the Internet and social media to build a significantly larger volunteer corps. Don’t limit yourself – or your volunteers – by geography. Instead, think about how you can design volunteer opportunities that people can accomplish from anywhere.
  • Skilled Volunteering
    By far the best way to make sure your volunteers have a big impact is to match their skills to you needs. At VolunteerMatch we built the Listing Wizard to help you do that.

So take advantage of the resources above, and show your volunteers how much they mean to you – by helping them make an even bigger difference in the world.

Got something special planned for National Volunteer Week? Let us know and we’ll help spread the word!

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