Just Launched: The Listing Wizard Makes It Easier to Engage Skilled Volunteers

Recruit skilled volunteers with the Listing WizardAlthough it may seem like it, the Listing Wizard is not actually magic. It’s the result of months of work at VolunteerMatch to respond to a growing trend we see among our nonprofits and volunteers: skilled volunteering.

With the launch of the Listing Wizard this past Monday, it’s even easier for nonprofits like you to identify the specific skills you need and recruit the volunteers that possess them.

Applying for some funding? Find a grantwriter. Redoing your logo? Be sure to mark down “graphic design” as a skill. Have a drippy faucet? There’s a plumber who wants to help.

Recruit skilled volunteers with the new Listing Wizard

The new skills system is based on a taxonomy developed by Taproot Foundation with support from Microsoft Corporation.

In addition to the Listing Wizard, we’ve developed a listing preview feature and an all new look for the website as a whole. We’ve also made Photo Manager available for every nonprofit that uses VolunteerMatch (stay tuned for more on this).

So what should you do now?

We’re offering special training webinars to go over the Listing Wizard and the new features – check out remaining times below:

If you can’t attend any of the webinars, you can get some basic instructions for using the Listing Wizard in this help video.

Finally, take advantage of the powerful Listing Wizard and go update your volunteer listings on VolunteerMatch, and post some new ones.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Listing Wizard. Share them with us on our community-powered support site.

Happy recruiting!