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Want to know why companies love VolunteerMatch Solutions for managing, growing, and showing off the impact of their employee volunteer programs?

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Who should join:
Corporate social responsibility professionals, employee engagement proponents, corporate volunteering enthusiasts.

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Thursday July 23rd, 11 a.m. PT (2 p.m. ET)

How to Join

Prepare for the chat by reading the questions below. Or wait, and be surprised! These questions will be asked of current VolunteerMatch clients, specifically Time Warner Cable and Apollo Group, throughout the hour. Feel free to bring your own questions, too.

Then, log onto Twitter on July 23rd at 11 am (2 pm ET). Follow the hashtag #VMSolChat. Stay engaged with your favorite Twitter client (we recommend tchat.io).


  • How does your Employee Volunteerism Tool support your Employee Volunteer Program?
  • How do you utilize the many features offered through the VolunteerMatch platform  to support employee volunteerism?
  • How do you use reporting/measurement tools to illustrate social change?
  • Have you increased employee volunteerism in your organization year over year? Why do you think employees are more inclined to volunteer now than they were a year ago?
  • What advice do you have for employee volunteer management tool prospects?

You’ll meet new people (virtually), learn a lot, and most importantly, have FUN!

4 Steps to Finding the Right Employee Volunteer Program Management Tools

VolunteerMatch Solutions Corporate ToolsIn our 5 Steps to Building a Successful Employee Volunteer Program download, we said that it’s important to track and report the volunteer activity taking place in your company.


Seeing results helps keep your employees engaged with and excited about your employee volunteer program (EVP). It shows the world the generous ways your company is giving back. And it proves the impact of your program to corporate leadership.

Having a system in place to capture and report this information is a must. Some companies opt for tools like spreadsheets to manage all of this data, but spreadsheets can get messy and are labor intensive. Having an EVP management system like VolunteerMatch can take the pain out of EVP reporting AND make it easier for your employees to find volunteer opportunities. All of this means more time for you to be out in the community making a positive impact rather than sitting at your desk crunching numbers!

There are no set criteria for when you should purchase an EVP management system, but clients tell us the following issues made it essential:

  1. Collecting data is too difficult, takes too much time, or exceeds the tools in place.
  2. Volunteer activity information is being stored in multiple places making it difficult to quantify.
  3. Reporting is no longer timely because it takes so long to aggregate the information.
  4. Employees want more volunteer opportunities in their community than can be managed manually.
  5. Projects become very complex, requiring things like waivers, reminders and waitlists.
  6. The internal website cannot be easily maintained, or becomes obsolete in a short period of time.
  7. Volunteer managers find themselves spending all of their time just managing signups.
  8. Recognition is difficult, as the participant lists are often inaccurate.

If a couple of these statements sound painfully familiar, it might be time to explore EVP management tools.

Fortunately, there have been a lot of improvements to the tools and resources
that are available. We’ve put together some steps you can take to find the technology solutions that will fit your specific needs.

Download the PDF: 4 Steps to Finding the Right Employee Volunteer Program Management System

Corporate/ Nonprofit Partnerships Can Save the World (And We Can Help, Too)

worldWhile a big check is nice, it’s not going to cut it these days. Corporate social responsibility is NOT about how much money your company can give.

It requires planning. It requires creativity. Most importantly, it requires deliberate and strategic partnerships with nonprofits whose work aligns with your company’s mission.

(For more on why multi-faceted nonprofit partnerships are important, check out this webinar we hosted in December 2014 with CSR expert Susan McPherson.)

Because we know the importance of these partnerships, and because we know it can be daunting when you don’t know where to start, VolunteerMatch Solutions helps companies work better with nonprofits in three main ways.

VolunteerMatch Solutions’ Tools
VolunteerMatch partner companies have access to the web’s largest network of nonprofits seeking assistance: The VolunteerMatch Network. It includes nearly 100,000 nonprofits across the country (and increasingly, across the world). In seconds, your company and its employees can find volunteer opportunities that fit your specific corporate goals.

Building Corporate Nonprofit PartnershipsAnd once you find your nonprofit partners, it’s easy to feature them on your company’s custom volunteer site, making your partnerships prominently visible to all your employees. There’s many more ways to grow these partnerships through our tools, such as recruiting employee volunteers for a specific nonprofit’s event, or even sponsoring a nonprofit’s own custom VolunteerMatch site. To learn more about our corporate tools, watch our demo.

Growing Your Specific Initiatives
When simply searching for volunteer opportunities isn’t enough, we help you go above and beyond. For example, in 2014, we partnered with Walmart Foundation for their Fighting Hunger Together Initiative. Together, we trained more than 3,000 volunteer coordinators at hunger-fighting organizations to more effectively recruit and manage volunteers. We also created over $171 million in social value that continues to help Americans get the healthy food they need. Whatever your cause, we’ll work with you so you can have the most impact, where it matters most.

2015 VolunteerMatch Summit
We believe the world’s most pressing problems can best be solved through cross-sector collaboration. And what better setting to share resources, knowledge and passion for change than face-to-face? For-profit and nonprofit organizations don’t always get this opportunity, which is why we decided to create it.

For the past 13 years, VolunteerMatch has hosted a Summit for its corporate clients, offering a space for like-minded CSR professionals to gather and share ideas. This year, however, we are opening our Summit doors to non-client companies, as well as national nonprofits. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind event.

At VolunteerMatch, we know that corporate/ nonprofit partnerships are the key to real social change. Let’s all come together to make a difference.

CSR Food for Thought: ROI-Proving Research

The CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from around the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post. Follow us on Twitter for CSR news and trends throughout the week: @VM_Solutions.

Do socially responsible business practices influence the value of your company? Research says yes.

And so does Katherine Smith, Executive Director of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. In this succinct blog post, she summarizes a growing collection of research that shows a clear link between corporate financial performance and social performance. CSR shows a correlation with everything from access to capital, to investment returns, to reputation and brand value.

Cold Winter, Warm Story

Read about (and see inspiring pictures of) Amway’s annual volunteer program in Guatemala, when teams from the US, Central America, South America and the Caribbean descend on Guatemala to build homes alongside families who need them. This Habitat for Humanity project goes back nearly a decade, and is responsible for funding and building entire neighborhoods of homes in remote areas of the country. Most volunteers come back year after year, falling in love with the people, the land, and the experience.

What Will Influence Business and Purpose Globally in 2014?

Carol Cone, Global Practice Chair of Edelman Business & Social Purpose and a former VolunteerMatch Client Summit keynote speaker, takes a look a growing trends and shifting relationships between corporate, government, and charity sector strategies during 2014. In this particular post she focuses on what she predicts for four key regions: the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Tracking the Data: What Not to Do in the RFP Process

As part of a special Tech series curated by Charities@Work on CSRWire Talkback, our own Director of VolunteerMatch Solutions Seth Thompson describes the pitfalls and challenges faced by so many companies when looking for tools to help manage employee volunteering and giving. Take a look at Seth’s tips for success – after all, he truly is the expert!

CSR Tip of the Month: We Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Each month our rock star team of Client Relations Managers shares one tip related to employee engagement, using VolunteerMatch Solutions tools, and running a great volunteer program. Apply these tips today to improve your program! (You can also learn more about how VolunteerMatch can help your company’s CSR activities.)

Laura Ellis, Client Relations Manager at VolunteerMatch, shares ideas for incentivizing employee volunteer participation.This month’s tip comes from Laura Ellis, Client Relations Manager.

We’ve talked about the Personal Hours Tracking Gauge before, but did you know it can help you and your employees keep your New Year’s resolutions?

Now is that special time of year when New Year’s resolutions start to fade into obscurity, replaced by all the reasons we come up with why they are no longer as important as we thought. Don’t let this happen to your resolutions for volunteering and community impact!

The Personal Hours Tracking Gauge allows you and your employees to track hours for the year, month, quarter, and/or other time interval (speak with your Client Relations Manager or take a demo if you want to learn more about all of the flexible options.) And, if you have a personal or company goal for volunteer hours set, we can remind you to check your Gauge to keep yourself accountable.

Making a difference in the world is one New Year’s resolution that you and your employees shouldn’t let go – and the Personal Hours Tracking Gauge makes it easy to see your progress and keep it top of mind. My advice: Keep your New Year’s resolution with a VolunteerMatch Solution!

Click here to learn more about how the Personal Hours Tracking Gauge and VolunteerMatch Employee Solutions can help you and your employees reach your volunteering goals.

Meet MobileMatch™, and Engage Your Employees Anytime, Anywhere

Meet MobileMatch, the new tool from VolunteerMatch Solutions to give you the ability to engage your employee volunteers anytime, anywhere.Add one more item to the list of things your smartphone can do: Now you can engage employees from the palm of your hand.

VolunteerMatch is thrilled to announce the launch of MobileMatch™, a new mobile extension for our award-winning corporate volunteer engagement platform. It’s the most robust tool of its kind, making it easier for employees and other corporate volunteers to participate in volunteer initiatives that strengthen and transform local communities.

MobileMatch™ has an an intuitive mobile interface that provides your corporate volunteers with “anywhere, anytime” access to volunteer opportunities and program-related news – enabling you to engage more volunteers and enhance your company’s community involvement and social good.

Here are some of MobileMatch’s features, which are unique among corporate community involvement software solutions:

  • Support for all major employee volunteering actions, including Opportunity Search, Sign Up, Hours Tracking, and employee volunteer history through the Your Activities tab.
  • Mobile access to volunteer opportunities at VolunteerMatch’s network of more than 96,000 participating nonprofit organizations.
  • An easy-to-use graphical interface and user experience based on mobile standards with clearly organized content and map-based directions.
  • Full support for corporate branding needs.
  • An implementation process that leverages your company’s existing security configuration to make authentication and program setup a breeze.
  • Additional training and support on mobile engagement strategies for corporate social responsibility executives, program managers and volunteer champions.

Our client and partner UnitedHealth Group, a diversified health and well-being company based in Minnetonka, Minn., supported the development of MobileMatch™. (Last year, the company released a report – Doing Good is Good for You – that found that volunteering is linked to better physical, mental and emotional health. The report is available online at www.unitedhealthgroup.com/SR.)

If you’re already a client of VolunteerMatch, talk to your Client Relations Manager about how MobileMatch™ can make your employee volunteer program even better!

If you’re not yet a client of VolunteerMatch, this is a great time to check us out – click here to register for a quick, free demo!

VolunteerMatch Clients Shine Brightly in The Civic 50

Civic 50

For the second year in a row, Bloomberg has published The Civic 50, which identifies the most community-minded companies in the country. In partnership with the National Conference on Citizenship and Points of Light, these are companies that use their time, talent and resources to make a real lasting difference in their communities.

Once again, a large group VolunteerMatch partners and clients appear on The Civic 50 list. These businesses are being recognized for the hard work and community commitment that we see from them every day.

Below are the VolunteerMatch corporate partners who were named to this year’s Civic 50:

  • Morgan Stanley
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Viacom
  • Apollo Education Group
  • Dr. Pepple Snapple Group
  • Raytheon Company
  • AT&T
  • Gap Inc.
  • Microsoft Corporation

“I am so proud to be able to come to work every day and help support such great companies!” says Maura Koehler-Hanlon, Director of Client Services at VolunteerMatch. “Your work is making the world a better place!”

At VolunteerMatch we feel honored to work with these leaders in community impact. We can’t wait to see what they and the rest of our clients accomplish over the next year.

Congratulations to all the companies on The Civic 50 list, and keep up the great work!