CSR Food for Thought: It’s Okay to Brag

16. September 2011 CSR 0

CSR Food for ThoughtThe CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from round the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post.


70+ Essential Resources for Making a Difference on the Social Web
Mashable gets ready for its Social Good Summit by rounding up a “Social Good Resource List.” You can see the live webcast of the summit next week by RSVPing.

CSR Reduces Costs
New research out of Harvard shows companies with strong CSR performance have better access to financial capital. CSR = money. Need we say more?

Timberland’s Jeff Swartz: Endings and Beginnings
As Jeff Swartz prepares to step aside from his role as CEO, he reflects back on the movement he has built and the change that has occurred for socially minded businesses. He notes: “Thirty years later–the corporate conversation turns from ‘if’ to ‘how.'”

First Steps to Creating a Corporate Sustainability Report
CSR reports offer companies a way to showcase their social and environmental impact to stakeholders. One CSR practitioner offers advice on how to get started. Remember that VolunteerMatch services make it easy to report on volunteer impact in communities.

Magazine to Encourage Corporate Social Responsibility Launched
Launched recently, “CSR Watch” is the first ever magazine in dedicated to encouraging CSR practices among Africa’s business community. The publishers, the Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation of Ghana, wants the magazine to provide a platform to increase awareness, knowledge, and intellectual advancement for corporate executives, journalists, policy makers, and others in Africa.

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