The New Face Behind @VolunteerMatch (And Much More!)

The following post is by Stephanie Hong, one of VolunteerMatch’s newest employee. Please join us in welcoming Stephanie to the team!

Stephanie Hong, VolunteerMatch's Community Engagement ManagerMy first memory of volunteering was when I was 7 years old. My older brother was in the Boy Scouts and I tagged along for their Habitat for Humanity project. I still recall that day: it was warm but breezy, everyone was in a good mood, and we finished ahead of schedule. Granted, I was too young to do any heavy lifting, but I remember feeling a wave of emotion when we completed the project.

Flash forward to now – I’m still addicted to that feeling. From helping various animal welfare organizations, to partnering with local food banks, to being an animal keeper at a museum, volunteering has brought me so many fond memories. And now I get to make it part of my career! I’ve joined VolunteerMatch as the Community Engagement Manager. #Woohoo!

As the Community Engagement Manager, I am the voice of VolunteerMatch on social media. Actually, not just the voice, but the cheerleader. The person who gets nonprofits, volunteers, and companies excited to change the (gimme a) W-O-R-L-D. Analytics and advertising are also in my court. Meaning, not only do I cheer everyone on, I also make sure we’re doing it right and getting in front of as many faces as possible.

With experience from the advertising industry and, most recently, media at the San Francisco SPCA, I bring forth marketing expertise, an investigative mind, and a big heart. Spreading VolunteerMatch’s mission is easy; the hard part will be getting people to act. But that is what drives me to do more, and, ultimately, drove me to join VolunteerMatch and its wonderful Engagement team. I want everyone to feel the feeling I felt when I was 7 years old.

To learn more about me, my career, and projects I’ve worked on, connect with me on LinkedIn. To join the VolunteerMatch conversation, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook. Cheers to new adventures in volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, and people wanting to do good!