How to Boost Employee Engagement with the VolunteerMatch Network [Webinar]

Many companies invest a lot of time in researching nonprofits and curating one-off volunteer opportunities for their employees. Yet research shows that one-third of employees won’t actually give through their workplace because they’re not able to choose the causes that matter to them. In this month\'s free webinar on May 29, 2018, we will introduce the VolunteerMatch Network and how it can serve the interests of both your company and its individual employees.

VolunteerMatch Celebrates 20 Years of Connecting Good People with Good Causes

VolunteerMatch, the web’s largest volunteer engagement network, reached an exciting milestone today: 20 years of connecting good people with good causes. April 25, 2018 marks 20 years since the release of VolunteerMatch 1.0. Inspired by the growing potential of the internet to connect people, VolunteerMatch launched in 1998 as a website for potential volunteers and nonprofits to easily find one another. To date, the service has helped the social sector engage over $12 billion worth of volunteer service.

4 Ways Companies Can Turn Corporate Donors into Volunteers

We’ve all heard of turning volunteers into donors, but what about the reverse? Corporations that want to make the most of their philanthropic efforts need to consider their employees that are already giving to nonprofits. Since those employees are already donating to organizations, getting them to participate in your matching gift and volunteer programs isn’t too far of a stretch and can help you raise additional support for nonprofits in your community.

Listen to Your Employees: How to Craft a Volunteer Program That Meets Their Needs

In overwhelming numbers, employees want their companies to offer ways for them to volunteer. Yet, one-third of employees won’t give through their workplace because they’re not able to choose the causes that matter to them. On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, VolunteerMatch will present ways to gauge employee preferences and mobilize employees to give back in the way they want to.