Driving Social Sustainability through Volunteerism

19. September 2017 CSR 0
Social sustainability is perhaps the least quantifiable and understood pillar of the triple bottom line, yet nearly everyone can relate to it. And because humans are widely considered the most valuable asset at a company, social sustainability can arguably be the most important “p” in the “people, planet, profit”-triad.

Discovery Communications Employees Shine on Impact Day and Beyond

18. August 2017 Client News 0
Discovery Communications held their annual Impact Day on June 16, 2017. Over 4,000 Discovery employees across 60 offices in 37 different countries completed nearly 200 service projects. In this post, Laurel Schepp, Manager, Corporate Relations at Discovery, discusses the planning that goes into Impact Day, how they align the day with business goals, and what makes their overall volunteer program shine.

Talent Acquisition in the 21st Century and the Role of CSR

We are witnessing an unprecedented technological explosion unfold, and the number of industries and occupations with a shortage of skilled talent is growing as well. As a direct result, companies are doing more to brush up on their talent acquisition processes and finding ways to attract truly top talent. One of the best things about this is that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is getting its due attention.