Client Spotlight: CNO Financial Group Steps Up!

Conseco, which is changing its name to CNO Financial Group, Inc. in May, has been supporting its employee volunteers for years. In 2009, for example, the Indiana-based insurance and annuities provider and Fortune 500 company inspired employees to donate more than 16,000 hours of service to support their communities. A key part of the program at Conseco is a campaign it calls the Step Up Awards. Through these annual awards -- which are made possible by Conseco\'s use of VolunteerMatch tools [...]

CMI Green Traveler Study: Voluntourism All Fueled Up, Yet to Take Off

The global recession hasn\'t dampened enthusiam for volunteer travel. But while the idea of volunteer related travel (\"Voluntourism\") is trendy these days, not much is known about who these volunteers are, how big a chunk of the travel business they represent, or what impact they are making in local communities. While U.S.-based travelers represent a large part of the market of volunteer abroad experiences, much less is known about the interest in domestic travel-related volunteering [...]

Slim Rise in U.S. Volunteer Rates No Match for Huge Rise in Federal Spending on Volunteering

If no news is good news during tough times, then even slightly optimistic news is a beacon of hope, right? That\'s what the results of the Bureau of Labor Statistics\' latest report on U.S. volunteer rates suggest, says the Corporation for National and Community Service. The $1.15 billion federal agency is promoting the BLS figures this week. But despite some definite improvements -- particularly in light of a severe recession -- the results should be taken with a grain of [...]

LBG Report: More Employees Are Volunteering

With fundraising on life-support right now, there is mounting evidence that volunteering is carrying the bulk of the weight in U.S. philanthropy right now -- and much of it is being led by corporations. The latest signs of this come from a new survey from LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute. The report found that a whopping 56% of corporate employees are getting involved in volunteer efforts at their company. In addition, 27% of respondents said they are more motivated [...]

Volunteering Is CSR

Welcome to the new blog from VolunteerMatch about volunteering for the business community! Thank you for visiting. Best known for our public Web site,, VolunteerMatch is also the leading resource for businesses, campuses, brands, and national nonprofit organizations that want to successfully engage employees and customers as volunteers [...]