Global Strategic Management Institute Hosts CSR Performance Summit ‘CSR & The Sustainability Scorecard’ This October

VolunteerMatch is happy to inform our audience of research and events that can help guide employee volunteer administrators and CSR professionals through these difficult issues. \"CSR and the Sustainability Scorecard 2010,\" an annual conference by the Global Strategic Management Institute will once again be a great place to unpack some of the ideas and see what\'s really working. The event, which takes place October 26-28 in San Francisco, Calif., brings [...]

After Haiti: What Your Employee Volunteer Program Can Do

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce\'s Business Civic Leadership Center, within a week of the Haiti earthquake, more than 120 firms had pledged some $106 million in aid for the beleaguered nation – including cash, in-kind contributions, employee-matching campaigns, and customer-engagement. How can your company help? While it’s not advisable to form a response team and rush headlong to the Caribbean, there are plenty of other things your company [...]

Volunteering Just Got Sweeter! Target and Ben & Jerry’s Partner with VolunteerMatch to Promote Service with Free Ice Cream

VolunteerMatch has worked with dozens of companies over the years to help link their brands to the important causes in our network. This summer we\'re supporting Scoop It Forward, a partnership with Target and Ben & Jerry\'s to engage consumers in volunteering at education-related nonprofits. It\'s a unique program that has generated a lot of buzz [...]

VolunteerMatch Welcomes New Client Amgen with Launch of Amgen Volunteers Site

Amgen, a leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry, recently partnered with VolunteerMatch to provide a portal for its employee volunteer program -- Amgen Volunteers. They join nearly a dozen of today\'s most effective health-related companies in our family of businesses who are engaging employees in choice-based volunteer activities. Each year, thousands of Amgen staff members get involved in their local communities, generously devoting their time, talent and funds to a variety of charitable organizations [...]

Company Evaluations by Drivers of Success from BCCCC Report Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering

At National Conference this June, calculating impact (see article Conference Recap) is not only a hot topic, but a necessity for employee volunteer programs that aim to be sustainable and respected in the industry. Quality tools and best practices are a start, but the challenge is to continually seek to improve our offerings for partners. A 2009 report from Bea Boccalandro of VeraWorks and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship not only provides [...]

UnitedHealthcare and VolunteerMatch Release ‘Do Good. Live Well’ Study

Have you had a chance to check out the UnitedHealthcare/VolunteerMatch Do Good. Live Well. Survey? The new report, one of the most comprehensive of its kind, analyzed findings from a survey of more than 4,500 Americans over the age of 18 in order to identify the health impacts of volunteering. Everyone who works with volunteers should know what\'s inside. The survey found that 68% of those who volunteered in the past year report that volunteering has made them feel physically healthier. The survey also explored the emotional benefits of volunteering and attitudes toward workplace volunteering. [...]