10 Top CSR and Employee Engagement Blogs

What better way to react to the impending Google Reader closure than by sharing a list of some of our favorite CSR and Employee Engagement blogs? Because whether these blogs are aggregated or not, they provide great resources and knowledge about how to run your company’s CSR program and keep your employees involved in making ...

CSR Bookshelf: The Dragonfly Effect, by Andy Smith and Jennifer Aaker

A new book has hit the CSR shelf. Aiming to inspire quick, effective and powerful ways to use social media for social change, The Dragonfly Effect, by husband/wife duo Andy Smith and Jennifer Aaker, reveals how everyday people can inspire change and attain effective results by harnessing the power of social media. A tech marketer, Andy Smith is a principal at Vonavona Ventures and speaks on social technology and brand building, focusing on applying technology to address real problems. Jennifer Aaker is the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford University\'s Graduate School of Business. A social psychologist and marketing guru [...]