Sports In Service: Miami Dolphins Special Teams Gives Back to The Community

Back in December we shared how NFL’s Play Play60 Program is fighting childhood obesity and encouraging healthy living through organized play activities involving active volunteers. The work of the Miami Dolphins Special Teams is another example of how sports institutions can influence the lives and well-being of their fans and surrounding communities through “sports for ...

How to Engage Non-Wired Employees

One of the greatest challenges for managers of Employee Volunteer Programs is how to reach and engage those employees who are not a click away by email or social media. From our diverse family of clients, VolunteerMatch has worked with retail companies, such as Target and Walmart, with employees on the floor at store locations, or manufacturing companies, like Raytheon and Cummins, with plant managers working away from their computers.

Webinar Recap from VolunteerMatch: Telling Your Story with Social Media

Our Best Practice Network Webinar series continued this month with a return appearance from employee volunteering consultant Chris Jarvis, co-founder of Realized Worth. This time, Chris explored best practices for telling your volunteer story through the use of social media. Check out the presentation on prezi for an exploration of one of the most popular - and timely - topics in corporate responsibility. The webinar discussed how companies that are doing great things in their communities can share these often untold stories with the use of social media to inspire customers, motivate employees and [...]

New Year’s Resolution: Share the Story of Your Employee Volunteer Program with Social Media

The New Year is just around the corner! What resolutions will you make for your 2011 Employee Volunteer Program? Corporate volunteering is all about the relationship between good people and good causes and sharing the stories of compassion and service being shown across communities. So why not kick off the year with a resolution to get the word out about the great work your employees are doing through service? A great place to start will be the Best Practice Network Webinars. On Thursday, October 28 [...] Read More.