Okta Apps for Good: Okta’s Intriguing CSR Solution for Your Company Portal

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Why — in an age where a Google search for “CSR” produces over 384,000,000 results — can it still be so difficult for employees to get connected to causes they care about while at work? 

Okta, the popular identity management company known for creating seamless and secure employee access to key company infrastructure has found an exciting way to answer this question while continuing to demonstrate its commitment to giving back to the community with the inclusion of Apps for Good in the Okta Integration Network (OIN). 

Apps for Good is a suite of pre-built integrations designed to allow Okta clients to easily connect to world-class giving and volunteering solutions and strengthen their community presence right from their workforce portal. On its website, Okta describes Apps for Good as capable of providing, “…scalable and secure opportunities for your workforce to give back”, and notes, “These pre-built, easily-configured integrations make it easier than ever for companies and employees to donate time, money, expertise, and more.” 

VolunteerMatch is proud to be among the flagship platforms offered through the initiative. For over 20 years, we’ve been deploying our technology to help individuals in their private and professional capacities find and match with volunteer events and roles that interest them. 

But for us, appearing as a featured integration within Okta — a core piece of some of the world’s best corporate technical infrastructure — is more than just a point of pride. It’s a sea change. It’s a marker that serves to illustrate just how pivotal demonstrating a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is to the modern workforce.  

Adam Rosenzweig, Program Manager, Nonprofit Success at Okta For Good, told us: “We created Apps for Good to empower all of Okta’s customers to catalyze their own corporate and employee giving. Apps for Good reduces friction for companies who want to deploy services like VolunteerMatch seamlessly and securely to their workforces. Okta is proud to partner with VolunteerMatch to enable millions of volunteer connections.”

And enable connections, we do! In fact, the VolunteerMatch Network today includes available opportunities for over 4.5 million volunteer needs. In addition to serving millions of individual volunteers, we also power corporate volunteering programs in unique ways. Anxious to take advantage of the skilled and group opportunities, plus remote, virtual, and global options offered within our Network, over 150 companies already use the VolunteerMatch Network to help build employee engagement, develop skills, and find meaningful ways to give back time while strengthening team bonds.

And as we continue our quest to create better ways to bring good people and good causes together, we’re also excited to see several of our VolunteerMatch Open Network partners as featured integrations in Okta’s Apps for Good. VolunteerMatch partners featured include Benevity, Brightfunds, and YourCause + Blackbaud

We’re passionate about enriching the world through volunteer service and inspired to see Okta exploring new and creative ways to make it easier for companies to confidently and easily tap into great CSR solutions that can help change their corporate culture.

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