CSR Round-up: Our Favorite Reads This March

Though February felt like it passed by in a blink of an eye, it was a short month full of industry research, trends, case studies and product announcements. In the last several weeks alone, we witnessed new, innovative platforms, like CrowdRise and UpPurpose, make their way into the giving landscape. We also noticed organizations become more willing to refresh their values to align with the corporate social responsibility practices today’s consumers have come to expect.

In this month’s round-up, we’re sharing these stories and more, including new research on consumer expectations around sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), a guide spotlighting 15 of the most exceptional employee volunteer programs out there and corporate-nonprofit partnerships we’d love to emulate.

You’ll also get a sneak peek into seven of the CSR and employee giving conferences you won’t want to miss this year (plus, a $100 off coupon code to attend Engage for Good!).

Why Your Company’s Social Responsibility Metrics Matter and How to Get Them
Joan Michelson for Forbes

In this article, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy at Blackbaud, Rachel Hutchisson, shares tips for measuring corporate responsibility, along with popular causes employees volunteer for and ways to encourage employees to give and volunteer in the first place. The main finding from the article? Employees want choice in how they participate in volunteer activities and they want their employers to acknowledge their thoughts, opinions and values – preach!

People Expect All Industries to Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility, but Especially the Tech, Food, and Fashion Industries
Clutch Staff for PR Newswire

According to a recent report from Clutch, a leading B2B research, ratings and reviews firm, consumers expect grocery retailers and restaurants to commit to corporate social responsibility more than any other industry, followed by technology and fashion. Overall, the report suggests that consumers now place greater emphasis on how businesses support individuals, local populations and the global community.

Don’t Miss These 7 CSR & Sustainability Conferences in 2019
Basil Sadiq for Volunteering is CSR

As you hit the ground running with your 2019 CSR strategies and projects, it’s important to make time for professional development, remain on top of key industry trends and stay connected with your peers. A great way to accomplish all three of these objectives is by attending industry conferences. That’s why we put a list together of seven CSR and employee giving conferences you don’t want to miss this year.

To Get Companies to Take Action on Social Issues, Emphasize Morals, Not the Business Case
David M. Mayer, Madeline Ong, Scott Sonenshein and Susan J. Ashford for Harvard Business Review

Four researchers from the American Psychological Association (APA) conducted a survey to answer the question, “What’s more persuasive to managers – money or morals?” The research provides a number of important takeaways for employees who want to influence leaders at their company to tackle a social issue. In this article, learn how social change often starts from the bottom up, how it’s best to always assume the best and tips for targeting your message.

Five CSR Trends Every Company Can Get Behind
Amanda Ponzar for Forbes

From furthering the elimination of single-use straws to expanding diversity and inclusion equity to empowering the next generation of global leaders, Amanda Ponzar, Chief Communications and Strategy Officer for Community Health Charities, shares what she thinks will be the five biggest corporate social responsibility trends in 2019.

Get Inspired With These 15 Employee Volunteer Programs
Basil Sadiq for Volunteering is CSR

A couple of weeks ago, we published our first guide with our API third-party partner SmartSimple Software on 15 of the most innovative and inspiring employee volunteer programs (EVPs) out there. In this digestible guide, you can read the success stories behind 15 EVPs that have scaled giving globally, documented nearly half a million volunteer hours and counting, and grown employee participation by 178% in just one year.

Walmart Sparks a Multi-Stakeholder Effort to Fight Hunger in the U.S.
Amy Brown for Triple Pundit

Walmart’s partnership with Feeding America has spanned several years and helped raise $23 million in 2018 alone, securing a record 230 million meals for food-insecure households. In 2018, Walmart also extended its hunger-fighting mission by collaborating with Nextdoor & Neighbor’s Table to hold a series of events across America focused on bringing groups together to address the nation’s hunger crisis. This begs the question, how did this corporate-nonprofit partnership become successful and how can other companies achieve similar results?

Brands Are ‘In a Race’ to Keep Up with Conscious Consumers, Says CDP
Mary Mazzoni for Triple Pundit

Trends show consumers are opting for healthier products over convenience, becoming more conscious of single-use packaging and leaning on brands to help address environmental issues where governments can’t. In today’s business landscape, it’s becoming evident that consumers want healthier, more sustainable products. And they’re voting for these products with their wallets. Here’s how innovative brands are increasingly responding to these behaviors.

Tech Briefs: United Way, CrowdRise, Blackbaud
Nonprofit Times Staff for The Nonprofit Times

In February, United Way Worldwide announced the launch of UpPurpose – a new cloud-based technology platform and creative agency designed to meet the content needs of the social good sector. In the same month, CrowdRise by GoFundMe announced new mobile features designed to make it easy for fundraisers to raise money on the go, and Blackbaud ramped up their presence in the online giving marketplace by launching a peer-to-peer fundraising platform powered by JustGiving.

With all of these new for-profit platforms going to market, we can expect more choice available in 2019 for companies who are looking to redesign or expand their corporate giving programs.

Have you used any of these new platforms or features? What did you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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