YourMatch™ Feature Spotlight: Volunteer Shifts

Imagine this scenario: After extensive planning and discussion with your nonprofit partner, you finally iron out the details for an upcoming, large-scale volunteer event.

Your partner makes it clear what their needs for the awaited day are: in terms of volunteers, they expect 10 people in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. Within these groups, half will work directly with the nonprofit’s clients and the other half will prep materials “behind the scenes”.

Fantastic! But as your company’s volunteer manager, how do you go about signing up volunteers for this event while ensuring you have the right amount of people to fit each time slot and role?

That’s where volunteer shifts come in.

Volunteer shifts is a brand new feature from VolunteerMatch’s employee volunteer management platform, YourMatch™. For the first time, corporate volunteer managers can easily manage multiple shifts within one overarching volunteer opportunity on YourMatch.

Volunteer shifts can be added when creating a volunteer opportunity from your YourMatch™ dashboard:

Does Your Volunteer Opportunity Have Shifts?

Corporate volunteer program managers may struggle with aligning group volunteer events with employees’ schedules and interests. Volunteer shifts gives employees the freedom to sign up for a volunteer event as it best fits their preferences, without you having to manually manage individual schedules. Take a look at what volunteer shifts looks like for your employees:

Volunteer Shifts in Action

Volunteers are able to see their options up front and choose an opportunity that suits their needs and interest best! In addition, employees have the flexibility to make changes later. The best part? YourMatch and shifts pages are responsive, meaning your employees can sign up for opportunities when it’s convenient for them — from their computer or on their mobile device.

Program managers such as yourself also have the ability to manually add and remove volunteers. And after incorporating client suggestions and feedback, we programmed some additional, convenient features, such as the ability to copy a shift rather than starting from scratch, as well as a way to designate a sign-up cut-off date.

Here’s what Samantha Gruber of Independent Bank had to say about volunteer shifts:

VolunteerMatch has outdone themselves with their new ‘shifts’ capability. I love that they’re continually seeking feedback from their clients and then work diligently to bring those thoughts & suggestions to fruition!

Already using this YourMatch™ feature? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Reach out to us at, or contact your VolunteerMatch client services representative.

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