Are Your CSR Goals Aligned with Your Hiring Practices? [Video]

29. November 2016 Free Webinars 0

Webinar Screenshot

On November 17, 2016, VolunteerMatch and Year Up joined forces to help companies learn how to unify their commitment to diversity across multiple departments, including their corporate social responsibility (CSR) department. and Omnicom Media Group joined the discussion and shared their experiences from the field.

Here are just a few things we talked about:

  • Why diversity — as a core value — has a role in your CSR and must align with your hiring practices
  • The challenges you may face working across departments to reach this overarching goal of diversity.
  • Who the key players are that you should involve to get the ball rolling.
  • The employee engagement benefits you’ll see from adding diversity as a core value across your company
  • How this all ties back to your employee volunteer program.

Want to learn all this and more?

Watch the webinar recording.


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