VolunteerMatch Summit Insights: Employee Volunteerism Improves Health

“For Humana, volunteerism has been transformational because we put a real emphasis on team-based volunteerism… we’ve seen our team-based volunteer rates quadruple since the past year,” says Leslie Clements of Humana.

Humana understands the power of volunteerism not only for team-building but also for health.

“One of the things that is becoming really apparent for people, especially in healthcare, is how important… wellbeing and a sense of purpose is for our mental health and our physical health,” says Leslie. “We’re even seeing doctors prescribe volunteerism, which I think is very innovative and interesting to see, and I think we’re going to see more of that.”

Find out about Humana’s health-related goals, not only for employees but for whole communities, by watching the below video.



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