VolunteerMatch Summit Insights: Corporate Volunteering at Any Stage

At the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit, held December 1-2 in Oakland, CA, we learned from corporate social responsibility experts about engaging corporate volunteers and partnering with nonprofits. In this series of blog posts, we’ll share with you the valuable insights offered at sessions and by speakers. Up today: Bryan Breckenridge, Executive Director, Box.org.

“The reason I chose to spend my morning with VolunteerMatch here at this great Summit today was to inspire peers to get out and be creative, and create programs in their companies regardless of the stage of the maturation that they’re at,” says Bryan Breckenridge of Box.org.

Bryan is seeing firsthand how smaller companies are embracing corporate volunteerism.

“A lot of the organizations who have really entrenched and scaled employee engagement programs around volunteering and giving tend to be more mature companies,” says Bryan. “But we’re seeing here in Silicon Valley a very strong surge in small companies.”

Watch the video below to see what other trends Bryan is seeing in Silicon Valley, as well as how Box has integrated volunteerism into existing facets of its company.


Learn about the 2016 VolunteerMatch Summit, to be held October 2016 in Chicago.

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