CSR Food For Thought: Volunteering and Company Culture

CSR Food for ThoughtThe CSR Food for Thought series is a roundup of recent news from around the web, presented to you in one bite-sized post.

Is Your Corporate Culture Defining Your Employee Volunteerism or Vice Versa?
From ATD:
It’s a frequent, and often hard to answer, question: Should your employee volunteer opportunities align with your company’s industry and mission, should it align with your employees’ passions, or should it somehow do both? This article looks at some creative solutions to this conundrum.

Want to connect your employees to causes in their community? Check out Solutions by VolunteerMatch.

Companies with a Purpose Beyond Profit Tend to Make More Money
From Financial Times:
This article explores the paradox that “the most profitable companies are not those that are most profit-focused.”

Your overall company purpose is important, but so is each employee’s purpose. For more on integrating purpose into your employees’ work, check out this post.

It’s Okay to Brag: Why Your CSR Program Needs to Be Marketed
From Triple Pundit:
Because CSR and marketing departments are often separate, it takes a conscious effort on your part to keep marketers in the loop. This article has some tips for that, because sharing the achievements of your awesome employee volunteers can help grow your program internally, attract new talent, and more.

4 Practices Essential for Strong Employee Engagement
From Business 2 Community:
This article hits the nail on the head when it says, “It’s one thing to provide free lunch, happy hours, and ping-pong, but perks can only do so much to impact a company full of employees who don’t feel that their contributions matter.” Of course, we would add “avenues for volunteering” to their list of employee engagement essentials.

For more on increasing employee engagement, check out “4 Employee Engagement Benefits of Corporate Volunteer Programs.”


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