VolunteerMatch Summit Insights: Mayor of Oakland Says Volunteerism is Critical for America

At the 2015 VolunteerMatch Summit, held December 1-2 in Oakland, CA, we learned from corporate social responsibility experts about engaging corporate volunteers and partnering with nonprofits. In this series of blog posts, we’ll share with you the valuable insights offered at sessions and by speakers. Up today: Libby Shaaf, Mayor of Oakland.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf lit up the VolunteerMatch Summit in December 2015 with her energy, humor, and passion for community. In the following video, she comments on her personal journey of volunteerism, and how corporate social responsibility professionals are “part of a movement.”

“Speaking at the VolunteerMatch Summit was a really personal thing for me,” says Libby Schaaf. “My journey to becoming the mayor of Oakland is absolutely intertwined with my experiences of volunteering.”

Watch the video:


“I hope attendees at today’s VolunteerMatch Summit are going to take away just how important their work is. That this is not just about feeling good. This is not just about making communities a little bit better. It is part of a movement that is critical for public health, for resiliency, for making this entire fabric of community stronger. And the effect of that strengthened social fabric has impacts beyond belief. It’s much more than just a feel-good activity. Volunteerism is critical for the strength of America.” -Libby Shaaf, Mayor of Oakland

Learn about the 2016 VolunteerMatch Summit, to be held October 2016 in Chicago.

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