CSR Food For Thought: What Do People Really Think About Your CSR?

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CSR Food for ThoughtUncommon Sense: Are Companies Truly Committed to Social Responsibility?
From Nielson:
As it turns out, corporate leaders and the general public have very different opinions when it comes to the state of CSR in the United States.

What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Corporate Pro Bono Opportunities at Your Nonprofit
From Common Impact:
Skilled volunteering can give your nonprofit the professional help it needs, while also making the most of corporate volunteers’ time. So, when having those initial conversations with your new corporate partner, you’ll want to lay the groundwork for pro bono. This article explains how.

Are you on the other side of this scenario? Check out the post How to Help Nonprofits Say “Yes” to Your Pro Bono Volunteers.

Emergent Trends in Corporate Volunteering
From Realized Worth:
Yes, CSR programs are growing in size, and skilled volunteering is gaining in popularity. However, this article argues that the lack of enthusiasm for “traditional” volunteering we saw in 2016 is actually negative for companies.

Vote for Your Favorite Corporate Citizenship Story
What are you waiting for? Voting is now open for Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s annual film festival! Browse the submissions and vote today; the deadline is February 15, 2016.


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