Meet Jake Sanches, a 2014 VolunteerMatch Client Summit Speaker

On September 18-19, 2014, VolunteerMatch will gather its corporate clients for a day and a half of learning, sharing and networking. The 2014 VolunteerMatch Client Summit will feature numerous sessions led by corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement thought leaders. In this series of posts, we’ll introduce you to each of the speakers and what they’ll discuss at the Summit.

Jake SanchesName: Jake Sanches

Title: Leverager

Organization: Palantir Technologies

Description of the Session: “REanalyze: What is Your EVP Data Saying?”

Demonstrating your employee volunteer program’s impact internally and externally is critical to its success. While the industry as a whole is still looking for ways to get beyond traditional metrics, some companies are taking it upon themselves to identify outcomes that reflect their priorities, and are looking for new ways to quantify the engagement and impact of their employees. They want new ways to use data to measure and synthesize their success so that they can better tell their stories to leadership, to employees, and to nonprofit partners.

Join Jake Sanches, internal metrics and analytics guru at Palantir Technologies, to discuss VolunteerMatch’s recent metrics benchmarking project. We’ll review our findings and key takeaways, cover industry trends across key metric benchmarks, and discuss metrics analysis in finer detail and how it can be leveraged to drive improved programmatic and reporting approaches. At the end of the session, Jake will provide recommendations and demonstrate examples of ways to increase your use and presentation of data in your communications.

What is one way you’ve transformed your personal or professional life recently for the better?

I recently decided that I wanted to focus on being more present in my life and to be mindful of how I spend my time. One way that I transformed my life in this way was to stop checking work email on my phone before I get to work. I commute from San Francisco to Palo Alto via Caltrain, and instead of using that time to process emails and think about the day ahead, I have chosen to spend that time reading local and international news and commentary. Not only do I find myself less stressed and mentally prepared for the day ahead, but also I am a better-informed citizen of my community.

About Jake Sanches:

Jake works at Palantir Technologies, a big data analytics company that builds products used to solve the world’s hardest problems for government, commercial, and nonprofit institutions. He has worked in strategy and operations, analyzing Palantir’s internal data to inform leadership and drive decision-making around hiring and headcount growth, and he currently manages and analyzes Palantir’s product metrics, working to provide insight to engineering and business development teams about how their customers are using and engaging with their products.

Previously, he worked at Mattersight Corporation in Chicago, where he analyzed customer service interaction data and built customer satisfaction, attrition, and fraud predictive models. Jake is currently a volunteer for VolunteerMatch, lending his data science skills to help with VolunteerMatch’s metrics benchmarking project. He earned his B.A. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Washington University in St. Louis, and he lives in San Francisco.

Connect with Jake’s LinkedIn profile, and follow Palantir Technologies on Twitter.

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This year’s event is generously supported by: General Motors, MGM Resorts International, Delta Air Lines, The United Way of Southeastern Michigan and Newell Rubbermaid.

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