What is the Best Job at VolunteerMatch?

Who has the best job at VolunteerMatch?I would argue that I have the best job at VolunteerMatch. I get to pair a great team with the joy of supporting our network.

Our Client Services team provides support for our 150 corporate partners, close to 100,000 nonprofits and millions of volunteers. We answer any question you have – from how to create an account and track hours, to how to find the perfect volunteer opportunity, to how to create the perfect organization profile.

Here’s our philosophy when it comes to supporting you: volunteering is fun, so our support should be, too.

It’s our job to make sure it’s also easy. Every person that writes or calls in is going to get a personal call or email back, and quickly. We believe that every message we get is just one step towards making the world a better place, which means we take every email seriously.

We pride ourselves on having stellar technical support that is paired with high-level resources and best practices. If you call and talk to one of our associates they can tell you how to access your account, but they can also give you an idea of what types of projects are going to be good for your team, or what skills nonprofits are looking for most often.

If you’re one of our corporate clients, you know we’ve got the best support in the business. We don’t just support your team at HQ, but we also provide 1:1 support for every employee who needs it. In fact, VolunteerMatch was ranked #1 in both employee and nonprofit support in an independent study of Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) member companies.

We've got the best support in the business.Perhaps most importantly, we understand that support is all about people. And not to brag, but I work with some of the best people out there. Our team is made up of fun personalities, which will come through as you get help from VolunteerMatch. For example:

Tess Marstaller, who spends her days helping employee volunteers, was herself a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. She’s passionate about volunteering, which means she loves to be the voice of your volunteers within our organization!

David Selsky, one of our Senior Client Relations Managers, is an expert on benchmarks, but he’s also an expert on the best Vegan restaurants, and he’s a professional photographer.

Laura Ellis is a Client Relations Manager for our team. She knows everything there is to know about MobileMatch and callout boxes… as well as all things chocolate, hiking and outdoor adventuring.

Kevin Johnson, who works with many of our national nonprofit and United Way partners, can also answer any question you throw at him about Americana music (if you don’t believe me, try it!)

And me? Being at VolunteerMatch for 6+ years, I can talk to you about any of our tools, resources or organization history. But I’m also a quilter, traveler, farm girl and foodie. Feel free to get me talking about any of those subjects, as well.

So get to know us, because we want to know you! We understand that everything we do at VolunteerMatch leads to more volunteering, so it’s our goal to make that as easy and fun as possible. You inspire us with your willingness to give back; we hope our support inspires you right back!

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