How a Corporate-Nonprofit Partnership Created Something Amazing

How a Corporate-Nonprofit partnership between VolunteerMatch and UnitedHealth Group created the amazing MobileMatch product.In my role at VolunteerMatch I see a lot of partnerships – between corporations, nonprofits, schools, government agencies, departments, teams and individuals. I truly believe that as we all try to solve the world’s biggest challenges, it is only through true partnerships that we make progress.

At VolunteerMatch we partner with companies in many different ways: to scale employee engagement, build actionable cause marketing and inspire volunteering and social impact. I am particularly proud of the partnership we’ve developed with UnitedHealth Group – they are collaborative, innovative and bold in their vision for VolunteerMatch’s future and how to partner with us to keep expanding it. The most recent realization of this partnership is MobileMatch.

Developing MobileMatch was a great opportunity to turn VolunteerMatch’s corporate sites into a mobile-friendly tool to further our goal of making volunteer engagement easy, manageable and accessible. At the same time, it aligned with UnitedHealth Group’s desire to involve more employees in volunteering across the U.S.

UnitedHealth Group employees are an impressively engaged bunch, and one of the reasons for this success is that the folks responsible for CSR and employee volunteering are always looking for ways to do it even better. Based on feedback from their employees, UnitedHealth Group decided to investigate creating a mobile app or dedicated site so that users can quickly and easily add volunteer hours.

VolunteerMatch and UnitedHealth Group worked together to scope the project, and over the course of a year developed a powerful tool designed to make volunteering accessible anytime, anywhere. MobileMatch allows corporate volunteers to search, signup and track hours whether they’re in the office, working remotely, onsite at a volunteer project or commuting to work.

As Kate Rubin, Vice President of Social Responsibility at UnitedHealth Group says, the partnership enabled both VolunteerMatch and UnitedHealth Group to achieve more than if they had embarked on the project alone. “We are always looking for ways to innovate and broaden the appeal of our volunteer program,” Kate said. “Technology and innovation go hand-in-hand, and innovation is one of our company’s five core values. An added plus is that the partnership increased the scope of what we were able to accomplish, not just for our employees, but for corporate volunteer programs across the country.”

Indeed, UnitedHealth Group’s contribution and support of the MobileMatch project ensured its availability for any VolunteerMatch client who wishes to make volunteer engagement easier and more convenient for its employees.

And according to what we’ve heard so far, things are going really well. Kate shared some reactions from UnitedHealth Group employees to the tool:

“Thanks for making this easier to access through my mobile device.”

“Love the mobility factor. This alone should allow employees an easy way to enter their volunteer hours into the system.”

“I do a lot of volunteering and think this app will help me keep more up-to-date with my hours. The app is easy to use and very functional.”

“This will make adding hours a lot easier! I love it!”

Of course, VolunteerMatch loves it, too! We also love that this partnership not only enabled us to create an entirely unique, transformational tool for employee engagement, it also strengthened our relationship with one of our favorite and most engaged clients.

We can’t wait to see the impact MobileMatch will have on more volunteers, our corporate clients and our mission!

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(Photo by manuelsvay on Flickr.)

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