Enhance Social AND Business Value through Strategic Employee Volunteerism

Guest post by Sophia John

Schwab employees get into the volunteering spirit.
Schwab employees get into the volunteering spirit.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has rapidly turned into a fundamental strategy for businesses. The field has demonstrated that even locally-based or small companies can make an impact in their communities by working with local nonprofits. Employee volunteer programs, specifically, provide great value for both the employees engaged in the service and the business itself.

Employee volunteering can help your business as follows:

  • It provides a great opportunity for employee team-building.
  • It helps your business become more involved in overcoming social issues.
  • It can strengthen public trust in your business.
  • It will help you build strong relationships both within your company and in your larger community.

Employee volunteering can help your employees as follows:

  • It can build skills, self-esteem, and efficiency.
  • It enables interaction among employees in different departments.
  • Employees will gain experience working within different sectors of business.
  • Employees can reduce stress-related symptoms and focus on being happier at work.

There are a number of groups popping up that are focused on helping businesses establish employee volunteer programs as strategic part of what they do and who they are including VolunteerMatch and various Corporate Volunteer Councils around the country.

An Omasaze, Inc. reading mentor and her student.
An Omasaze, Inc. reading mentor and her student.

Top companies that are successfully involved in strategic employee volunteerism include Cisco and Deloitte, among others. Cisco’s global projects provide education, healthcare, monetary empowerment, and calamity liberation to areas in need. Cisco employee teams get involved in their local communities by organizing donation projects and events.

Deloitte employees have the opportunity to lead conferences that provide training on corporate volunteerism. Deloitte has realized that engaging employees in skills-based volunteer programs can have long term impact on employee productivity and retention.

Your company should now be focusing on how to do CSR smarter – specifically, how to integrate it into your core business strategies. And a key piece of this will most certainly be engaging employees in volunteering.

Sophia John is a writer and blogger, and always looking towards new ideas and knowledge. She likes to help students by giving custom essay writing tips.

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    C_Peterson! on May 6, 2014

    For any company. the real wealth lies in the workforce i.e. the employees. Therefore companies which are involved in strategic employee volunteerism are relatively successful then others who don’t pay heed in corporate social responsibility initiatives. Thanks for sharing this post, I am sure people will soon get an idea about this humble initiation!

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