CSR Food for Thought: Trends, Predictions and More for 2014

03. January 2014 CSR 0

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Looking Ahead – 5 CSR Trends on the Radar for 2014

Liz Gorman and Lesley Lammers of Cone Communications highlight five CSR trends that they think are likely to pop up on corporate radar screens and gain more traction in 2014. From GMOs to employee engagement to social entrepreneurship, all the favorites make an appearance.

One Thing That Really Matters for 2014: Closing the CSR Gap

Craig Bida (also of Cone!) dispensed with the list altogether to focus on the one thing he feels is most important in 2014. Hint: It has to do with what consumers think your company should be doing for the world, and what your company actually is doing…

A Social Responsibility Action Plan for 2014

It’s important to have an actual strategy when it comes to your CSR initiatives – this will ensure that your company not only sees the fuzzy, do-good benefits of your program, but the business benefits, as well. Peter Economy, a well-known author and business writer, writes on Inc.com about how to put the power of corporate social responsibility to work for you in 2014.

Jump Start Sustainable Employee Engagement in 2014 Using Social Media

Are your employees aware of the nature and responsibilities around the use of social media for sustainability communications? What transformation needs to occur in 2014 to engage your employees around sustainability programs and CSR? Julie Urlaub of Taiga Company rounds up some useful articles that discuss the role social media engagement can play in 2014 to increase employee engagement within your company’s sustainability plan.

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