How U.S. Bank Found a Creative Way to Motivate Employee Volunteers

Guest post by Kenna Poppler, U.S. Bank Foundation

How U.S. Bank found a creative way to motivate employee volunteers.At U.S. Bank, we have a strong base of volunteers. While they are all committed to their causes, and many volunteer regularly, they don’t always remember to record their hours on U.S. Bank Volunteers/VolunteerMatch.

Recently, funds became available in our headquarters market and we decided it was a great opportunity to meet three of our goals at once: reward our employees, provide funding to community organizations to help them continue their good works, and get more volunteer hours logged to show how committed U.S. Bank Volunteers truly are!

To accomplish these goals, we are making five $500 contributions to eligible Twin Cities nonprofits where our employees volunteer. All our employees need to do is make sure they’ve recorded at least one hour of their 2013 volunteer time. Each employee who records time will be entered into a drawing to win a $500 contribution for the organization where they volunteer.

To kick off the contest, we simply sent an email to all employees in the Twin Cities. We are anxiously awaiting the prize drawing and the opportunity to recognize both our employees and our nonprofit partners!

Does your company motivate employee volunteers in creative ways? Share with us below!

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