Morgan Stanley’s Strategy Challenge is a Great Example of Long-Term Pro Bono Impact

25. November 2013 Client News 0
The Let's Get Ready pro bono team from Morgan Stanley.
The Let’s Get Ready pro bono team from Morgan Stanley.

“I can honestly say it’s one of my greatest accomplishments in my career,” says Sri Reddy, who works in Bank Resource Management at Morgan Stanley. Sri isn’t referring to a promotion or a particularly successful project – she’s talking about her team’s 3rd place finish in this year’s Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge, the Firm’s signature pro bono volunteer initiative.

It’s tough to argue with a review like that! Sri and her fellow coworkers spent two months this summer addressing crucial strategic business and financial issues faced by a nonprofit in their community.

Of the five members of the pro bono team, none of them had a previous connection to Let’s Get Ready, a New York-based nonprofit organization that provides free SAT prep and college admissions counseling to low-income and first generation high school students. Two months later, they’re all committed to helping the cause and the organization beyond the scope of the Strategy Challenge, and are proud that their company encourages this kind of community involvement for impact.

As one member of the team summed up, “There are few special things we do that are this cool.”

Read Sri Reddy and her team’s full story of pro bono impact through Morgan Stanley’s Strategy Challenge.

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