CSR Tip of the Month: 3 Ways to Incentivize Employee Volunteer Participation

Each month our rock star team of Client Relations Managers shares one tip related to employee engagement, using VolunteerMatch Solutions tools, and running a great volunteer program. Apply these tips today to improve your program! (You can also learn more about how VolunteerMatch can help your company’s CSR activities.)

Laura Ellis, Client Relations Manager at VolunteerMatch, shares ideas for incentivizing employee volunteer participation.This month’s tip comes from Laura Ellis, Client Relations Manager.

A major metric for anyone who runs an employee volunteer program is participation. We all want to get as many of our employees joining in as possible – but considering how busy everyone is, often they need some extra incentive to take that first (or next) step.

What’s great about the three strategies below is that they don’t just incentivize employee volunteer participation. They also increase employee excitement about the events you’re running, and they bring employees together around a volunteer program, facilitating team cohesion. Finally, they help employees connect personally and emotionally to your volunteer projects, since they take into account their own interests and passions.

1. Nonprofit Grants

VolunteerMatch provides a tool called VolunteerRewards that integrates the volunteer hours employees track with nonprofits on VolunteerMatch with your company’s “Dollars for Doers” program to give money back to the nonprofits your employees care about.

2. Volunteer Awards

The key here is publicity – you have to make these awards a big deal, so your employees are driven to achieve this recognition. VolunteerMatch provides built-in places for your to display and promote your awards as banners and welcome messages on your VolunteerMatch employee volunteer site.

3. Company Paraphernalia

T-shirts are a big trend in CSR programs (and really everywhere else, too). Many companies award T-shirts and other swag to new hires who volunteer and track hours within their first 6 months, for example. VolunteerMatch makes this easier by allowing admins to ask custom questions (like T-shirt size or favorite types of flair) when volunteers sign up for volunteer events.

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