Meet the Team: Laura Ellis, Client Relations Manager

They have facilitated millions of employee volunteer hours. All they have to do is pick up the phone, and corporate executives invest in volunteering. Some claim that they came up with the term “CSR.” They are: The Most Interesting Client Relations Managers in the World.

Meet Laura Ellis, Client Relations Manager at VolunteerMatch1. Give us your elevator speech — what do you do at VolunteerMatch?

I am a Client Relations Manager at VolunteerMatch, which means I’m in charge of keeping my corporate partners ahead of the corporate social responsibility game! I make sure that technically their employee volunteering sites are in top shape, along with consulting them on any new products, metrics or volunteer trends I think suit their program.

2. What brought you to VolunteerMatch? How long have you been here?

I’ve been at VolunteerMatch for a year and a half, but I feel like I learn 10 new things everyday! I studied Audiology & Speech Pathology in college and used VolunteerMatch to find some clinical volunteer opportunities. After browsing the website I saw they were hiring and thought what an amazing place to work!

3. What is the most inspiring part of your job? What’s your favorite part?

The most inspiring part of my job is showing our corporate partners reports that emphasize the impact their company has made in their communities. I know how much hard work goes into planning year-round volunteer opportunities, so it is rewarding to tell them when they’ve had a great year!

4. If you were to start a foundation or a nonprofit, what would its mission be?

I’m an avid hiker and just finished climbing Mount Whitney this past summer. I’ve always been inspired by national walks & runs for various causes but have trouble finding organizations where I could hike to raise money. If I were to start a nonprofit, it would involve bringing climbing & hiking into the world of fundraising.

5. Where will the CSR industry be in 5 years?

I see organizations these days having corporate social responsibility as an option for their company, a perk, something they feel sets them apart from other companies. In 5 years, I see all companies having a CSR story, and a new bar will be set. The competition won’t be talking about IF you have a program, but HOW BIG of an impact you are making.

6. Tell us a story (or two) about something that happened in your work that you consider to be a success, something that you’re proud of, and explain why.

The employees at VolunteerMatch live up to their name by volunteering their time for amazing causes! I was blown away by the time they set aside and the stories they shared about their favorite organizations. I’ve always loved to write but felt my skills weren’t quite up to par for any professional outlet. My manager encouraged me to start a blog series about what inspires me at VolunteerMatch, and I instantly started writing about the volunteer time of my coworkers. I’m proud that I have sharpened my writing skills along with recognizing my inspiring coworkers.

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