CSR Food for Thought: The New Social Bottom Line for Employee Engagement

25. October 2013 CSR 0

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Employee Engagement And The Social Bottom Line: Sands Shifting Again?

In this Forbes article Tom Watson reflects on a recent panel in which both the speakers and the audience members focused on the strategy behind how social media can increase employee engagement in CSR initiatives – but no one seemed interested in the tactics, or the “how.” This marks, Tom says, a shift in understanding and an acceptance of a new reality.

10 Tips for Creating Successful NGO-Brand Partnerships

Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are well-positioned to help leading brands develop innovative solutions that deliver a competitive edge. Of course, as with any business partnership or personal relationship, take time to assess your options before getting involved. This post on Sustainable Brands includes 10 tips to help your brand create effective NGO partnerships to advance sustainability, accelerate innovation and increase overall impact.

Environmentally-friendly business is profitable business

So claims this article in the Guardian. Many associate sustainability with expense, but companies that have embraced it are financially outperforming. The proactive approaches of a few leading-edge companies, and the benefits produced for their bottom lines, are encouraging. But we are far from “there yet.”

Moving CSR from philanthropy to alignment with commercial objectives

According to this Marketing Week article, there is an increasing disconnect between the amount of brands invest in their CSR programs and the messaging that is actually getting across to consumers. This must be reversed, since according to other data consumers respond in a disproportionately favorable way to learning about the CSR activity of brands.

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