CSR Food for Thought: Is “Sustainability” Just a Buzzword?

18. October 2013 CSR 0

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Why “sustainability” should be more than a meaningless buzzword

It seems like everyone these days has their own definition for “sustainability” (if one even bothers to ask). But the hyper-adoption of this word for a large variety of purposes has turned it into a blurry term  that fits into whatever suitcase you want it to, including a catchall for everything “socially good,” whatever that means. It’s time to remember what the real meaning of sustainability is based in, and how it can help us all run our companies  – and the world – better.

Corporate Philanthropy Programs are Diverse and Creative: Get Ideas Here

This Forbes.com article is full of great examples of companies that are creatively aligning corporate philanthropy efforts with their company’s work and brand. From pet food to body lotion to construction, it’s possible to step outside the box and have a great impact no matter what industry you’re in.

Senior Staff ‘Most Crucial’ Sustainability Driver

Senior leadership is the most critical driver of sustainability within a business, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of Coca-Cola Enterprises. Some 44 percent of firms say engagement with business leaders will be the most important factor in successfully implementing a sustainability strategy over the next three years, the study found.

Keeping Pro Bono Projects on Track

Eileen Yang from the Taproot Foundation shares her expertise on the Net Impact blog. In this interview, she gives us her take on what makes a successful pro bono project and why pro bono is so valuable for participants. You can see Eileen speak in person at the 2013 Net Impact Conference next week.

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