CSR Tip of the Month: Motivate Your Employee Volunteers with a Personal Hours Tracking Gauge

Each month our rock star team of Client Relations Managers shares one tip related to employee engagement, using VolunteerMatch Solutions tools, and running a great volunteer program. Apply these tips today to improve your program! (You can also learn more about how VolunteerMatch can help your company’s CSR activities.)

Tess Marstaller, Client Relations Associate at VolunteerMatch, shares a tip for running a great CSR and volunteer engagement program.This month’s tip comes from Tess Marstaller, Client Relations Associate.

Sometimes people need a visual, in-your-face reminder to get involved in a volunteer program. VolunteerMatch Employee Solutions has a tool that you can use to motivate your employees in a very personal way, by showing them their progress towards their own volunteering goal and that of the company.

The Personal Hours Tracking Gauge is a motivating visual reminder to employee volunteers of how many hours they’ve already tracked toward a specific goal. It can be set to track from the start of any year, quarter, month, or from a specific date, and can either be uniform across a program, or allow each individual to personalize their goal. The gauge will show up on the YourMatch home page under the “Your Activities” tab.

Personal Hours Tracking Gauge, part of VolunteerMatch Employee Solutions

This simple tool does a lot to motivate employees to track their hours – everyone wants to see the gauge hit 100%! Whether you choose a goal or leave that up to the user, you’ll empower your employees to see how far they’ve come in contributing to your volunteer program.

You can set up the Personal Hours Tracking Gauge under “Gauges” in the “Customize” tab of your VolunteerMatch Solutions tool.

Click here to learn more about how the Personal Hours Tracking Gauge and other VolunteerMatch tools can help your employee engagement efforts.

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