CSR Food for Thought: Make Good Money

30. August 2013 CSR 0

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Make Good Money

As Merry Carole Powers, Founder and CEO of Branding Powers International, states in this article, responsible brand behavior is now the price for entry to succeed in the 21st Century marketplace. In this article on The Huffington Post she describes the particulars of enabling consumers to do good by choosing your products – a double bottom line strategy to “make good money.”

AT&T, EDF Toolkit Could Save 28 Billion Gallons of Water in U.S. Commercial Buildings

U.S. commercial buildings can collectively save up to 28 billion gallons of water annually using a new suite of tools co-developed by AT&T and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The toolkit gives organizations simple, cost-effective resources to build their own water efficiency programs and includes both technical and management tools to design, implement and document water savings. The combination of tools can be used to create the business case for investments in efficient water management.

Corporate Citizenship Requires Vision and Discipline

Professionals working in corporate citizenship must be able to see well beyond the possibilities in plain sight today, writes Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director of Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. She introduces the upcoming issue of their magazine, The Corporate Citizen, which includes examples of companies that have designed opportunities and turned an idea of what is possible into action.

Three Cisco Employees Recognized as “Citizen Teachers of the Year”

Three Cisco employees were recently named “Cisco Citizen Teachers of the Year” by Citizen Schools, one of Cisco’s longtime nonprofit education partners. More than 125 volunteers from Cisco have stepped out of their jobs as engineers, sales executives, and technology professionals to become mentors and “Citizen Teachers,” leading groups of students in 10-week “apprenticeship” classes.

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