CSR Tip of the Month: Auto-Add Hours Makes Tracking Your Impact a Snap

Each month our rock star team of Client Relations Managers shares one tip related to employee engagement, using VolunteerMatch Solutions tools, and running a great volunteer program. Apply these tips today to improve your program! (You can also learn more about how VolunteerMatch can help your company’s CSR activities.)

VolunteerMatch Client Relations Manager Jeff Bautista shares a tip for how to track your employee volunteers' impact.This month’s tip comes from Jeff Bautista, Client Relations Manager.

We know your company is really committed to making a difference – and your employees prove this by giving their time to causes they care about and for volunteer events that you organize for them.

Sometimes, though, it can be tough to get your employees to track their volunteer hours after a big event – or at all. VolunteerMatch provides a tool to avoid this problem, so your company can always showcase your full impact.

Auto-Add Hours is a standard feature of our VolunteerMatch Employee Solution technology tool. It allows administrators (you) to set up volunteer projects and events to automatically track hours for all participants. After the volunteer activity has ended, volunteers are notified that hours have been added to their account.

Once the option has been turned on for a project, the process is fully automated by the VolunteerMatch site, so you don’t have to manually input any hours at all.

Why is this feature useful? First of all, it saves a lot of time and frustration for you! No longer will you have to nag your employees to track hours, or spend your valuable time inputting thousands of hours manually.

Second, since your employees won’t have to worry about tracking their hours, they can be free to focus on what’s really important – being engaged with the volunteer project. And looking forward to the next one.

Finally, Auto-Add Hours ensures that your company’s impact is up-to-date and accurate – so you can present a real, impressive picture of your work and why it’s so great for your employees, your company and your community.

Try out Auto-Add Hours today, and let us know how it goes!

Click here to learn more about how Auto-Add Hours and other VolunteerMatch tools can help your employee engagement efforts.

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