Why We’re Declaring August “Millennial Month”

Tune in to "Millennial Month" for concrete resources about engaging Millennials in volunteering and serviceDon’t we all talk about Millennials enough already? Do we really need an entire month when VolunteerMatch focuses on Millennial engagement in volunteering and service?

We think the answers to these questions are: Yes and yes.

Sure, there have been endless discussions about the various merits and faults of individuals born as part of the so-called Millennial generation, but sometimes the value of these conversations can get obscured by the rhetoric. Our goal with “Millennial Month” this August is to strip all the fluff away and focus on just what you need to achieve your Millennial-related goals: information, inspiration and resources about getting Millennials engaged in your company’s initiatives.

Tune in this month for round-ups, reviews of the latest research, free webinars, interviews, storytelling, special guest stars, and more.

Follow hashtag #Mill4Good on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (and wherever else hashtags are a thing nowadays), and join in the social media conversation.

Our goal? We want to provide such concrete, useful material for you, that the next time a debate erupts about the narcissism of Millennials, you can smile knowingly and quietly continue to engage them in your company’s CSR and volunteering projects.

Do you have a special story or tip about Millennials you’d like to share during Millennial Month? Email news@volunteermatch.org.

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1 thought on “Why We’re Declaring August “Millennial Month””

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    Yvette Chambers on August 23, 2013

    Volunteer gives individuals to meet diverse individuals. You may not meet @ your employer or out in public. Also offers you a opportunity to enhance your previous skills. To support organization with a helping hand.

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