CSR Food for Thought: Getting Youth on Your Side

28. June 2013 CSR 0

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Get Youth on Your Side

Recent research by the Good Research Partnership and the British Youth Council reveals the CSR practices that engage youth with consumer brands – whether in a positive or negative way. This article and accompanying infographic on MarketingWeek provide details on the most successful – and unsuccessful – brands at engaging youth, and what we can learn.

Bring Me a Book Team Wins Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge

The nonprofit Bring Me A Book and a team of Morgan Stanley professionals have won the fifth annual Strategy Challenge, Morgan Stanley’s signature skills-based volunteer program providing nonprofits with pro bono strategic consulting. This impressive employee engagement program has provided over 30,000 hours and $4.6 million in pro bono services to nonprofits over the past five years.

UnitedHealthcare of California Awarded for Exemplary CSR Achievements

UnitedHealthcare of California has received the 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the Los Angeles Business Journal for its efforts to promote, encourage and organize company-sponsored social programs and events, as well as to boost employee participation in volunteerism. Read this article on Justmeans to learn how UnitedHealthcare of California runs their successful employee volunteer program.

Building a Career in CSR: Strengthening Your Career with Purpose

James Temple is Director of Corporate Responsibility for PwC Canada, so he knows about building a career in CSR. Here he shares lessons from a recent webinar series he hosted on how trying to “break in” to CSR as a career is the wrong mindset completely – learn about the right one.

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