Taking Time to Hone Our Strategy for Good

Strategy for Good SummitI had the pleasure of speaking at the 2nd Annual Strategy for Good Summit recently and more than a month later continue to think about the conversations that took place.

The Summit was “held” virtually between February 25 – March 1 and featured 25 speakers spread across 27 sessions, all sharing a range of perspectives and approaches to giving back – from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and employee volunteering, to trends in philanthropic approaches and broader discussions on what really works when it comes to the “For Good” movement.

Realizing that a virtual event isn’t a new concept, I’ve still really enjoyed listening in on the other sessions when I have the time. And, because this was a smaller gathering, I didn’t have to dig through tons of unrelated topics to get to the core of my interests – how companies and individuals are tackling “strategies for good”.

Ranging from philosophical topics to specific actions for companies to implement, these strategies bridge many of the conversations we’re having at VolunteerMatch every day. For example, are there new ways to think about an organization’s structure that impacts social issues more effectively (B corporations versus nonprofits, nonprofit versus for-profit values)? What role can a pledge play to kick start action within a corporate program? How do cause-marketing campaigns actually engage consumers and employees? And of course there is no limit to how helpful a good story can be to showcase challenges and solutions for all to learn from. Phew!

I’ll even confess this blog entry fell victim to some procrastinating tendencies because I am still jumping in and out of the conference to listen in on the other conversations that took place. After speaking with Susan Hyatt, the Host and founder and CEO of Core Thought, it seems I’m not alone. In fact, many of the 375+ attendees are also still viewing and downloading content.

So, at long last, here are some of my favorite speakers and topics from the event. Enjoy!

  • [Shameless Plug] My session that shared the results of VolunteerMatch’s Client Insights survey was a lot of fun. For more information, download the report here.
  • Mark Kramer of FSG had a wonderful discussion on “Redefining the Role of Corporations in Society” based on Kramer’s co-authored articles on Collective Impact and Catalytic Philanthropy published over the years in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and more recently his article on Shared Value from the Harvard Business Review. All three articles are worth checking out and will leave you inspired and excited to continue pushing for productive social change. For more on FSG’s approach, take a look at their website.
  • Our friends at Realized Worth, Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker, shared their expertise on “Creating a World Class Employee Volunteer and Giving Program.” These two are always great at sharing their first hand experience and translating it into real action steps that companies can apply to their program.

Two others worth mentioning are:

  • Farron Levy’s (True Impact) session “CSR Measurement Matters: What to Measure When” (also check out their website for additional resources.)
  • Kate Olsen’s (Network for Good) “Digital Strategy for Good: Cause Marketing Trends 2013.” Check out the latest from Network for Good’s Insights.

To access all of the sessions and discussions from this year’s Strategy for Good Summit (for a fee), you can visit the website now.

What topics and issues do you think are most critical to your “Strategy for Good?”

Vicky Hush is VP of Client Services & Strategic Partnerships at VolunteerMatch.

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    Susan Hyatt on April 8, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the 2013 Strategy for Good Summit. We were thrilled to have you as a speaker sharing the findings from VolunteerMatch’s research on Employee Volunteer Programs. I know I learned a lot as did others attending your session live or listening later. Hope to “see” you at the 2014 Strategy for Good Summit, the last week of February.

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